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October 21st, 2010

Braley Hides from Iowans, Refuses Candidate Forum

Liberal Democrat incumbent Bruce Braley has ducked an invitation to a public candidate forum sponsored by independent-leaning Tea Party and 9.12 groups representing communities across Iowa’s 1st Congressional District.

The organizations extended invitations to the forum to Braley and to Ben Lange, the rising conservative candidate in the race.  The forum would have been held in Dubuque at a time and date convenient to both campaigns.  Lange immediately accepted the invitation, but Braley’s campaign refused to attend.

“It appears that Bruce Braley is hiding from the very people he represents,” Lange said on Thursday.  “Candidates for public office have a solemn responsibility to stand before the people and discuss their ideas to address our country’s challenges.  One would think Bruce Braley would jump at any opportunity to clear the air with Iowans regarding his record of support for Nancy Pelosi’s job-killing agenda. Perhaps he can no longer bring himself to look Iowans in the eye and tell them why he voted to send the national debt to unprecedented heights, raise energy costs for anyone who flips a light switch and slash more than $500 billion from Medicare.”

The proposed forum would have featured questions from audience members and from e-mails submitted by residents of the 1st District.  Sponsors of the forum include the Dubuque Tea Party, the Tea Party of the Quad Cities, Jones County 9.12, Oelwein Tea Party, and the Independence Tea Party.

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