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October 20th, 2010

Braley Campaign Unravels, Continues Pattern of Absurd Accusations

Ben Lange, the rising conservative candidate in Iowa’s 1st Congressional District, today exposed the absurdity of the latest round of baseless attacks leveled at him from the campaign of liberal Democrat incumbent Bruce Braley.

In a press release on Tuesday, Braley’s campaign asserted that Lange supports the privatization of Social Security while at the same time quoting public statements made by Lange in opposition to such a policy.

Lange said the release is simply the latest in a series of deceptive and desperate tactics employed by his opponent, although he noted that the Social Security charge is the most absurd attack to date.

“Like clockwork, my opponent has fallen into a predictable pattern of consistently misrepresenting my stances in an effort to distract 1st District Iowans from his record,” Lange said. “I have said repeatedly and unequivocally that I oppose privatizing Social Security, but Bruce Braley has taken a well-worn page out of the Democrat Party’s playbook by accusing me of saying something I never said. While this comes as a surprise to no one, it’s a shame my opponent has decided to play politics when Iowans are demanding an open and honest debate. Then again, defying the will of his constituents is another familiar pattern for Bruce Braley. “

Braley’s latest smear attempt is no surprise to Lange. In fact, Lange’s campaign manager, Cody Brown, predicted just such an attack in a press release on Sept. 22. “I wouldn’t be surprised if next week [Braley] tries to falsely claim that Ben Lange wants to privatize Social Security, despite the fact that Ben Lange has publicly rejected that notion and is, in fact, seeking to preserve Social Security for future generations of Americans,” Brown said at the time.

On Tuesday, Brown said Braley’s false attacks only erode his credibility.

“Bruce Braley continues shooting blanks, and his campaign is now bordering on the comical,” Brown said. “To be effective, criticism of your opponent must be credible. And to be credible, it must be factual. Braley’s criticisms are neither. He’s either receiving bad advice or he isn’t listening.”

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