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September 8th, 2010

Boswell and Pelosi – Best Friends

The Republican Party of Iowa today announced it has released a new on-line Web advertisement highlighting Congressman Leonard Boswell’s record of voting against Iowa’s interests and in lockstep with liberal House Speaker Nancy Pelosi 98 percent of the time. The ad, titled “Best Friends,” can be viewed at

“Iowa Democrats have determined the only way to save Leonard Boswell’s doomed electoral prospects is to distract voters from Boswell’s liberal record by launching desperate attacks against Brad Zaun,” said Matt Strawn, Iowa GOP Chairman.  “This is exactly why voters are tired of politicians like Boswell and are ready for the new, principled leadership that Brad Zaun will provide.”

Strawn continued, saying that, “Iowans do not support a failed stimulus that increased the debt. Iowans do not support a federal takeover of our health care system. Iowans do not support a cap-and-trade energy tax that would devastate our farmers. And on November 2, Iowans will not support Leonard Boswell, who has consistently voted against Iowans’ interests in Congress.”

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