February 3rd, 2010

Boss Hogg’s Mosquito Magnets

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

mosquitoSo I guess people want a little more from me. Yesterday, I had a little fun with a typo that Culver made. It made me laugh, but “anonymous” writes, “Here’s hoping Krusty has something more interesting tomorrow than a typo. Does he get paid to do this?”

First, I don’t get paid to do this. Second, be careful what you ask for.

Don’t Let the Rain hit the Ground!

“This issue is too urgent to wait for a legislative solution,” said Sen. Rob Hogg, D-Cedar Rapids. “This issue is so important we need to ask all Iowans to participate.”

What is Boss Hogg talking about? Rain Barrels.

I call them mosquito magnets. I’m surprised that Culver didn’t use millions of dollars in I-Jobs money to buy people some huge plastic barrels. They cost $100 bucks a pop.

Does anyone really think that 1000 rain barrels would have prevented any of the devastation in Cedar Rapids? I don’t. It was a 500 year flood, 1000 rain barrels would just be a breeding ground for mosquitos.

But what about the snow? Heck they dump it into the river. Oh No!!!

Branstad Gets his Gay On

Jason Clayworth of the Des Moines Register posted a story stating, “Terry Branstad indicated in an interview last week that he supports gay adoptions and civil unions.” I wonder if Jason rushed out and filled out an absentee for Branstad.

The only problem is that Branstad didn’t really say those things. I will admit that he gave a terrible interview with Todd Dorman, but when you look at what he said, he never endorsed civil unions. I think you might be able to say that he did endorse gay adoption, and Vander Plaats rightly noted that Branstad signed a bill allowing that when governor many moons ago.

Here is what I don’t get. Instead of pointing out that Todd Dorman asks questions like a (insert Rahm Emanuel phrase here), the Branstad campaign issues a statement that does nothing to calm down social conservatives. Bad move on their part.

Here are the questions that Dorman Asked:

What is it about gay and lesbian marriage that you’re not comfortable with?

This is the most straight forward question that Dorman asked. Good job out of him, but it really doesn’t ask anything.

What do you say to a gay couple with a child who wants that same stability?

So just being married gives a family stability? I read in the newspaper everyday about dysfunctional families. You know fathers that beat their wives and the like. This is a terrible question. K’mon Todd.

How about civil union rights? Is that something that you’re…take the word marriage out of it?

TEB didn’t really answer the question.

I also don’t know how many of these bad interviews I can take. I also don’t know how many $hitty questions from Todd Dorman I can take. Come on dude, don’t ask questions like a (insert Rahm Emanuel phrase here).

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