October 26th, 2010

Bob Ray: Out of Touch or Oblivious?

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Written by: Battleground Iowa
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By Emily Geiger

Let me first start by saying that the reign of Bob Ray was a little before my time. I know everyone always applauds politely when he is announced at public appearances. I just can’t say I’ve ever heard anyone talk about any great accomplishment he might have had, just that he’s a nice guy.

I’m sure he is a nice guy, and if recent events are any indication, he’s far too nice. He’s too nice to say anything bad about the Supreme Court justices, and he’s too nice to realize that a bunch of liberal political opportunists are using and abusing an old man who was once revered as one of Iowa’s statesman.

Somehow, these opportunists have convinced Ray to be their spokesman and tout the fact that he’s a Republican in favor retaining the judges. They are using him to make it sound as if their group, Fair Courts for Us, is actually a non-partisan coalition.

TIR’s own Nathan Tucker pointed out recently that, like the Judicial Nominating Commission, Fair Courts for Us is anything but non-partisan. While there are few token Republicans like Ray that they trot out in front of the media, the group is almost exclusively funded by liberal donors and even out-of-state gay activists.

The thing that gets me most about this group’s ads and Ray’s involvement are the advertisement that are so misleading. Bob Ray, in his warm, grandfatherly voice, comes on your radio and says something like, “you shouldn’t fire the umpire for one bad call,” and, “the Court has made lots of good decision over the years.”

Um, has Bob Ray been napping since leaving office? Lots of good decisions? Did he miss the Heemstra debacle? The inconsistent (and results-driven) opinions in regards to land v. water based gaming? Heck, even Democrat Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller recently blamed the Iowa Supreme Court for setting two of the worst of the worst sex offenders free. And to put a fine point on how ridiculous Ray’s involvement is, he gets paraded out in front of the media to be the main event at a press conference, and then refuses to take any questions and answer for these obvious gaps in his logic.

Sorry Bob, but I see only two possible scenarios here. Either Bob Ray has completely lost touch with everyday Iowans and what is acceptable in civilized society (i.e. setting murderers and sex offenders free and redefining marriage), or he’s just not with it enough to realize that he’s being used.

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