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January 15th, 2010

Bill Salier, Chuck Larson, and Others Endorse Eichhorn’s Secretary of State Campaign

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Written by: The Iowa Republican

Eichhorn_photoChuck Larson, Bill Salier, Phyllis Kelly, Bryan Sievers, and Kim Schmett, all endorse George Eichhorn for Iowa Secretary of State

HAMILTON COUNTY – A diverse group of Iowa conservative and Republican leaders have come forward to join and endorse George Eichhorn’s campaign for Iowa Secretary of State.

Chuck Larson, the former Cedar Rapids State Senator, State Representative, and U.S. Ambassador to Latvia, is also a former Iowa Republican Party Chairman. Bill Salier is a well known Iowa conservative leader, farmer, former Marine, and former U.S. Senate candidate. Phyllis Kelly served Iowa as the Republican Party’s National Committeewoman. Bryan Sievers was a Scott County Senator, Representative and County Republican Chairman. Kim Schmett served as Polk County Republican Chairman and was a Republican congressional candidate.

They join the already announced statewide campaign Co-Chairs Carmine Boal, a conservative leader and former Republican House Assistant Majority Leader from Polk County, State Representative Betty De Boef of Keokuk County, and former Iowa redistricting advisory commission member Lance Ehmcke of Sioux City.

“George Eichhorn served as Chairman of the Iowa Legislative Committees responsible for the Secretary of State’s budget and regulations. He understands the job and he would make an outstanding Secretary of State. I endorse and I am supporting George’s candidacy,” said Chuck Larson.

“Those of us who value liberty and the limited power of government, granted to it by the Constitution, must take an active role in this election for Secretary of State. I believe that George Eichhorn is a trustworthy man with a keen intellect who will not allow our system of election to be tampered with,” said Bill Salier.

Phyllis Kelly, Bryan Sievers and Kim Schmett’s endorsements are also being released by the campaign today.

“I intend to win this election and restore fiscal discipline to the Secretary of State’s office,” said Eichhorn, “My growing support is indication that Republican donors, party and conservative leaders recognize that I am the best candidate to do this job for the people of Iowa.”

George, whose last name is pronounced I-Corn, is a native of Davenport and a private practice attorney who has owned a law firm in Des Moines and served as a Republican State Legislator from rural Hamilton County for three terms.

He is the former Chairman of the Iowa Legislature Administrative Rules Review Committee, responsible for oversight of regulations in the Secretary of State’s office, and the former Chairman of the Administration and Regulation Appropriations Subcommittee, the committee responsible for the Secretary of State’s budget. He has been married to his wife Shelly, originally from Perry, for more than 20 years.

Eichhorn is running for Secretary of State to restore accountability in the Secretary of State’s budget, eliminate wasteful spending, and reform policies that leave the state open to elections fraud.

Say “I-Corn” for Secretary of State

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