October 11th, 2010

Biased Idiots – Des Moines Register Proves its Democratic Bias

Since I began writing this blog over four years ago, the one common theme has been the Democrat bias of the Des Moines Register.  While the Register has been biased for years, I’m shocked at what I’ve seen during this election cycle.  Here are just a couple examples from the last few days.

The Register blasts Justice Alito but gives Sandra Day O’Connor a pass.

Apparently the editorial board at the Des Moines Register is a bit confused.  In yesterday’s paper they awarded a “thistle” to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito for not allowing news organizations to videotape or record the speech he gave at Drake University last week.

The Register saw this as an attack on the First Amendment.

OK, that’s fine I guess, but why didn’t the Register bash former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor for using the same policy when she came to Des Moines last month for the Iowa Bar Association?

Talk about having a double standard.

Could their bias be based on the fact that O’Connor was invited to Iowa by the Iowa Bar Association as part of its campaign to defend the judges who face a retention vote this year?  It seems everything in the Register favors gay marriage or liberal policies.

If they didn’t like the policy they should have criticized O’Connor and the Bar Association as well.

The Register blasts Auditor Vaudt but gives State Treasurer Fitrzgerald a pass.

In today’s paper, Jason Clayworth writes a long expose criticizing Vaudt because he issued a limited comprehensive annual financial report.  Clayworth teamed up with a number of Democrats to write the article, including Vaudt’s opponent.  They are all worried that Vaudt’s limited report could lead to the lowering of the state’s credit rating.

Excuse me, but I’m pretty sure the state could see its credit rating lowered anyway.  Clayworth also seems to forget that State Treasurer Fitzgerald failed to fully fund the state’s debt service reserve account.  The result of his laziness could also lead to the state having a lowered credit rating.  Where is your story on that Jason?

Still, Clayworth allowed Fitzgerald to tea off on Vaudt calling him a partisan hack.  This isn’t just lazy reporting, it’s an example of the Register operating in lock step with Democratic candidates.

Vaudt warned the legislature and the governor’s offices that his office couldn’t adsorb a 30% budget cut and still provide the same level of service.  At a time when the state is receiving hundreds of millions for the federal government, the last place that should have been cut is the office that makes sure that the money is spent correctly.  Vaudt is now getting beat up because Culver and the Democrats gutted his office, and liberal like Clayworth don’t like the result.

Clayworth is obviously a pawn of the Democrats.  He continually accuses Vaudt for being a partisan because he supports Branstad, but conveniently forgets that his Democrat opponent, Jon Murphy, works in Culver’s office and is a Washington D.C. lobbyist.  Talk about a conflict of interest.

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