June 21st, 2010

Another GOP Comeback? Is Gopal Krishna Up to No Good Again?

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Written by: Krusty Konservative
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A few weeks ago I wrote an article about someone who has been sending out a bunch of RPI hate mail with my name on it.

I think I now have a good idea of where all this crap is coming from. What I didn’t know back then was that the treasurer’s position on the State Central Committee of the Republican Party of Iowa was vacated when Matt Randall decided not to run for re-election. There is a Central Committee meeting this Friday where they will elect a new treasurer, and there is no doubt that Gopal wants his old job back.

Now it makes perfect sense why all the fake Krusty stuff is being sent out. If you ask me, I think all of this points to one person, my good friend Gopal Krishna. The tactics used in mailing out a bunch of crap to members of the SCC are the same ones that Gopal has used before.

Once again I think it is my duty to educate SCC members. If you were a regular reader of the old website, you will have seen this before. If you are new, enjoy learning the history of the Republican Party during the last reign of Gopal Krishna.

So in an effort to back up my point of why would I spend money mailing crap when I could publish it to this website. Gopal, this week is for you.

I’ll be posting a series of things about Gopal Krishna who probably wants to be the next Chair of the Republican Party of Iowa, but will just have to settle for being the Treasurer for now.

The intended purpose of the following posts is to educate current SCC members and County activists about what led Krishna to resign from the party in 2000.

The following is a letter to all Republican District Caucus Delegates and Alternates from April 24, 2000.

More tomorrow.

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