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July 21st, 2010

Another Broken Promise: Conlin on the Road With Special Interests Again

First she leaves the country to rake in special-interest money and now U.S. Senate candidate Roxanne Conlin is headed for Las Vegas for a gathering of the Who’s Who of liberal special interest groups.

Conlin is scheduled to speak to a pro-abortion group, the Women’s Campaign Forum, as part of the Netroots Nation event on Saturday. The Netroots Nation includes, the American Civil Liberties Union, ActBlue, Emily’s List and a coalition of organized labor unions and liberal activist groups.

“Once again, Roxanne Conlin says one thing and does another. She’s promised not to accept any special interest money yet her entire trip to Las Vegas revolves around special interests,” said Eric Woolson, a spokesman for U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley’s re-election campaign. “The sponsors of Netroots Nation are special interest groups committed to electing liberals and it’s to them that Roxanne Conlin would be beholden.”

Conlin was one of a handful of Democrats who benefited from a July 11 special interest fundraiser in Canada hosted by the Committee for a Better Future, which is the political action committee for the world’s largest trial lawyers group.

Earlier this summer, Conlin was sued by fellow trial lawyers for refusing to honor a legal commitment she made to share with them part of the $75 million that she collected in attorney’s fees in a 2007 settlement with Microsoft.  The lawsuit against Conlin was filed in June in Polk County District Court.  It said the consortium of lawyers involved in the Microsoft cases in 23 states is to receive 20 percent of attorney fees awarded in the case and that disputes over the settlement among the trial lawyers are to be resolved through arbitration.

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