May 18th, 2010

And the Winner Is… Not the Girl who Gives the Conservative Answer

By Emily Geiger

Well, it’s happened again.

Who would have thought that the frontlines of the culture war would be fought out during the interview portion of the Miss USA pageant?

Everyone remembers last year when Miss California, Carrie Prejean, answered a question about California’s Proposition 8 by telling the world that she supports traditional marriage between one man and one woman, angering the gay community, especially drag-queen wanna-be Parez Hilton, the gossip columnist who asked the infamous gay marriage question.

This year’s taboo question awaiting one unlucky contestant in the infamous fish-bowl-of-question-cards?

Arizona’s new anti-illegal immigration law. More specifically, does Arizona have the right to pass such a law, or were they overstepping their bounds and infringing on the right of the federal government to regulate immigration?

The poor, unsuspecting contestant who got that question: Miss Oklahoma. And, from a conservative perspective, I thought she answered pretty well. To paraphrase, she said that she is a big supporter of states’ rights, so Arizona did have the right to pass such a law. But, she said that racial profiling is a concern, and so it is a very difficult issue.

Not a bad answer, especially in the pageant world, where you know the contestants are going to try not to offend anyone.

But of course, some in the audience booed Miss Oklahoma (although, in fairness, the judge who asked the question got booed as well).

And once again, just like last year, the girl who got the controversial question and gave a somewhat conservative answer made it to the final two, only to have her hopes of pageant glory dashed by some chick who gave a piss-poor answer to her interview question.

Miss Michigan told us during her interview question (and I paraphrase again) that birth control should be covered by insurance companies because you can get it for free at your local “O-B-jin” (that is phonetically how she said it) or from your “close-by family clinic” (i.e. your friendly neighborhood baby killers) and so it should be something that women should be allowed to get from their insurance “because it is costly.”

Huh? You just told us you could get it for free?

Oh yeah, and she through a “hi, mom” in there for good ditzy measure.

And this chick won. After literally tripping on her evening gown. And then answering her interview question with all the brain power of a 10-year-old. Actually, that may be an insult to 10-year-olds.

But hey, now we have a politically correct winner, who can even claim to be the first Arab-American and Muslim Miss USA, who also apparently is quite the pole-dancer. Bet her Imam loves that.

I wonder if the anti-illegal immigration groups just found their new spokesperson like the National Organization for Marriage did after last year’s competition.

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