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March 28th, 2010

Al Gore Admits Global Warming Bit Was Just PR BS To Sell Books And Get Laid

enviro gore“Yep, it’s all B.S.”  Al Gore said in a come to Jesus moment during a family intervention confronting Gore on his excessive usage of electricity.

“Instead of keeping up the fasad any longer and putting up with annoying cousins accusing him of being a carbon hoarder, he just wanted to go back downstairs in the bat cave and enjoy his air conditioned bowling alley, disco lounge and shark aquarium,” said Silvia Lockhorn, a long time friend and aid that serves the former Vice President.

The Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Noble Prize, Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice, Olympic gold medal winning Gore admitted that global warming bit was just a bit to sell books filled with fear mongering crap.  “It was one bar room bet that went too far,” said Gore.

His logic was simple… the more power point scientific graphs that showed the earth melting like a June bug under a magnifying glass on a summer day, the more awards and cash Gore earned.

He also admitted that his wife Tipper was particularly and constantly turned on by the whole charade. “These have been the best years of my marriage thus far.  There is something about a worldwide hoax that gets that woman in a kinky mood.  I just can’t explain it, but I am happily married,” defended Gore who seemed to be jabbing other politicians who had unfaithful marriages.

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