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February 17th, 2010

Airhart Announces Candidacy for Dallas County Recorder

airhartWaukee Area Chamber of Commerce Director Chad Airhart announced today that he is a Republican candidate for the Dallas County Recorder’s Office.

“Having been involved in public service at varying capacities for a number of years, I have long worked for positive change throughout Iowa; and in the last four years, specifically Dallas County. After much consideration, and encouragement from family, friends, business leaders and elected officials across Dallas County, I have decided that the time has come for me to seek public office.”

Airhart praised the incumbents twenty-two years of service, adding “I believe there are functions of the Dallas County Recorders office that can be streamlined to make the office more efficient for Dallas County residents and taxpayers.” Airhart brings a new perspective to County Government, and will use his experiences to change and improve the functions of the Dallas County Recorders Office.

In an email to supporters and Republican Party activists, Airhart highlighted his credentials as a lifelong Republican, and his strong fiscal and social conservative record. Airhart went on to say “My Democrat opponent is a twenty-two year incumbent, and one of only two Democrats elected countywide in Dallas County. I believe we need elected officials with conservative values in all of our elected offices. Therefore, I have decided to offer our residents a new choice for County Recorder, one with Integrity, Leadership and Vision for the future of Dallas County.”

In the coming weeks Airhart will launch his campaign website,, and is planning events all across the County. He will address the Dallas County Republican Convention on March 6th. “I look forward to hearing from voters all across the County, on their doorsteps, in town halls, and from their emails,” Airhart concluded.

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