April 14th, 2010


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aFTERSHOCK copyBy Emily Geiger

It seems TIR created quite a firestorm yesterday with its article on Iowa Family Policy Center Chairman Danny Carroll. A few observations…

It is totally fair to point out that Carroll appears to be holding certain candidates to a higher standard than the one to which he held himself in his past elections. It goes to show that no one is perfect, and perhaps there is more to the story than what’s on the surface. Everyone, including Danny Carroll, would do well to remember that.

I also think it is fair to point out the apparent divergence from the principles of the Truth Project, which IFPC endorses and claims to adhere to. Whether they want to admit it or not, one of the biggest problems IFPC has right now is that, anytime Danny Carroll or Bryan English are on the radio, their tone and attitude really turn people off. They sound angry and arrogant. Not the way to win hearts and minds.

A prime example of this was when Teresa Garmin called in to talk to Danny on his last radio appearance. At first, Carroll was excited to hear Garmin’s voice. The minute she said she was disappointed in him, he turned on her, and the entire tone changed.

After she hung up, Carroll went on to completely mischaracterize what Garmin had said. While on air, Garmin said it was totally fine for IFPC to endorse Bob Vander Plaats, but to then go on and proclaim that IFPC would never support Terry Branstad if he wins the primary was the equivalent of supporting pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage Chet Culver in the general election.

Carroll tried to claim that what Garmin was saying really had to do with money.


I know, I don’t get it either.

I will say that, on some level, I think Terry Branstad has brought much of this on himself. I think Branstad should have dealt with the Joy Corning question a long time ago. I understand she was his friend and colleague, but he could distance himself from her current positions without disowning the friendship. We’ve all got people we were close to a long time ago who we have nothing in common with anymore. And, let’s be honest, Joy wasn’t exactly doing Terry any favors when she started doing pro-gay marriage robo-calls, so Terry should feel free to disassociate from her.

I also think Branstad needs to be much more specific about how he would use his position as governor to help the marriage amendment process. For example, would he keep the legislature in session (or call a special session) until legislative leaders allow the proposed marriage amendment out of committee for a full vote of the legislature?

If so, he should say so. If not, people need to know that too.

The problem for IFPC is that, the more they engage in these guerilla attacks on Branstad by talking about who gave money and what caucus candidates he was associated with (when it turns out their own chairman is guilty of the same thing), the more sympathetic they make Terry Branstad.

I wonder if they realize they are only hurting themselves and helping the guy the hate.

Oh, and Terry, I’ve given this to you before, but here it is again. Feel free to copy and paste into a press release (if you really mean it).

“While I appreciate Joy’s previous service to our state and our party, I am disappointed with some of the actions she has taken since I left office, including her involvement in the Planned Parenthood executive organization and her recent public statements and stances against traditional marriage.

While I believe there is some room for dissent on some issues within the party, Joy must recognize that her positions on these issues are diametrically opposed to the beliefs of the vast majority of Iowa Republicans and the platform they have ratified year after year.

Times are very different from when Joy and I last served our state. Marriage is under attack in our country today as it has never been before. We now have even more scientific proof that life begins at conception and deserves to be respected and protected from that point until natural death.

If the people of Iowa choose bestow upon me the honor of being their governor in 2012, I and my administration with do everything in our power to honor marriage, honor life, and honor the values of the people who have made this state so great in generations past, and in generations to come.”

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