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October 27th, 2010

AFF Stunned by Bruce Braley Campaign Blatant Admission of Violation and Disregard for House Rules

Following an American Future Fund ethics complaint against Bruce Braley for use of official staff and resources for campaign activities, the campaign responded in an appalling manner.

Caitlin Legacki, Braley’s congressional communications director, who is apparently also moonlighting on taxpayer dollars as his campaign communications director, responded that she filled out a Form W-9 and has been paid as an independent contractor by the campaign since October 1. However, documents provided by AFF to the Office of Congressional Ethics show Legacki engaging in campaign activities during the official workday as early as July of this year. For example, Legacki accompanied Braley to the DMR candidate event at the Iowa State Fair on Thursday, August 19, 2010.

Legacki also states that she has been on “payroll” with the campaign which would mean she should have filled out a Form W-4, and had income tax withheld and the Braley campaign be responsible for the payroll taxes. A Form W-9 would be filled out by an independent contractor. Today’s admission by the Braley campaign indicates that in addition to potential House ethics violations, the campaign may also have federal and state tax compliance issues.

“It appears Bruce Braley cannot seem to follow tax laws despite four years in congress raising our taxes,” stated AFF Spokesperson Nick Ryan. “Braley doesn’t believe the rules – House rules or tax law – apply to him. This latest admission of ethics violation is stunning and the people of Iowa won’t be fooled.”

Braley and Legacki have some serious questions to answer such as how many flights has she taken for campaign work on taxpayer dollars between Iowa and DC? Are taxpayers also covering her lodging and rental cars on those trips? Why is October 1 the first time the Braley campaign decided they should comply with the law? Is the campaign seeking to avoid payroll taxes by improperly treating her as a consultant? Should the Iowa Workforce Development authority be looking closely at Braley’s campaign for other violations?

These are serious questions. The people of Iowa deserve serious answers. We challenge Bruce Braley and Caitlin Legacki to demonstrate that our tax dollars were not subsidizing Braley’s campaign.

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