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October 8th, 2010

AFF Releases New TV Ad Exposing Bruce Braley’s Liberal Record

The American Future Fund launched a 30-second television ad in Iowa entitled “Adjourn.”  The ad exposes Braley’s penchant for saying one thing and doing another.

Braley claims to support tax cuts for Iowa families.  Yet just last week, he was the deciding vote to adjourn the House without extending the Bush tax cuts, effectively a vote for a record breaking tax increase.

This vote was another example of Braley’s support of Nancy Pelosi’s liberal spending agenda – an agenda that he votes with 98 percent of the time.  Braley’s votes for the failed stimulus plan, government-run health care mandate and job-killing energy taxes has the national spiraling into debt.

If the Bush tax cuts are not extended, tax hikes are estimated to cost middle-class Iowa families $1,600 each and new taxes will cripple Iowa businesses.  When given the chance to fight to lower taxes for Iowa families, he went home.

“Iowans will not be easily fooled by Braley’s slick words.” stated AFF Spokesman Nick Ryan.  “His actions speak for themselves – Braley acted irresponsibly when he voted to adjourn instead of sticking around to make the tough decisions.  His vote left Iowa’s already struggling families and businesses facing an even more uncertain future.  Congress needs to address this immediately to avoid the largest tax increase in history.”

The ad encourages viewers to call Braley and tell him not to raise taxes on Iowa families.

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