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September 29th, 2010

AFF Launches TV Ad Exposing Bruce Braley’s Liberal Record

Today, American Future Fund launched a 30-second television ad in Iowa entitled “Vote.”  The ad exposes the consistent support Bruce Braley has for Nancy Pelosi’s agenda – the same agenda that has the nation spiraling into debt. The ad is running on network television in both the Cedar Rapids/Waterloo and Davenport markets.

Braley has voted for Pelosi’s agenda 98 percent of the time.  His votes include supporting the stimulus, a vote that did little more than spend millions of taxpayer dollars.  Not only was the stimulus wasted spending, but Americans still lost nearly 3 million jobs.

Braley also supported Pelosi’s sweeping new government-run health care mandate.  The same plan that cost $500 billion in Medicare cuts.

But it doesn’t end there.  Not only did Braley support the failed stimulus and government run health care, he also backed Pelosi in raising the national debt, her push for job-killing energy taxes, and he even supports the largest tax increase in history for Iowa small businesses.

AFF Spokesman Nick Ryan stated, “Braley’s voting record speaks for itself.  By supporting Pelosi 98 percent of the time, it’s clear that Braley cares more about siding with Pelosi than doing what’s best for Iowans.  He has done nothing but help contribute to the enormous burden of debt our country now faces.”

The ad encourages viewers to call Braley, and tell him that Iowa needs jobs – not another vote for Nancy Pelosi.

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