June 8th, 2010

A Primary Prayer To Pray Along

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Written by: TEApublican

Here is a quick easy to recite prayer to pray along to for today.
Dear Lord we ask for wisdom, discernment and guidance today.   Show us by your leading who to vote for.  Give us Your conviction as You reveal Your heart to us.

We pray for Your will to be done today as new leaders are chosen through voting.  Bring out the people you want to vote.  Thank You Lord for the privilege of voting.

Despite many depraved flaws of our country Lord we thank You for the freedom to cast our vote in comparison to other countries where it is either not possible or dangerous.  Bless those who chose to run and strengthen their families during this stressful time.

Lord we pray that we elect godly trustworthy candidates with strong convictions to the various congressional primaries.   May we nominate and send to Washington excellent representatives from our state.

Reveal to us prompting from Your Spirit as we vote and recruit to vote others as well.

Dear God give us a state treasurer who has integrity and live by a code of ethical honesty and high morals that we as a state can be a better steward with financial resources.

Father may we elect a great secretary of state that would bring honor to You and this state.  Grant us Your provision of wisdom.

Lord may Your sovereign will be done in the governor’s race.  Bless each candidate and move the hearts of voter’s like a king’s heart or a river’s course.  Guide us Lord today as we vote in such a time such as this.  May Your will be done.

Hear our prayer Oh Lord as we exercise our faith.  Test our motives and give us clean hearts today as spiritual battles are in full activity.

Breakthrough with your peace, understanding and mighty hand of hope that we may honor you in this time.

We humble ourselves as we ask you to heal our land.  Thank You Lord.  God Bless Iowa.  In Your Name, Amen

About the Author

Dave Davidson is the TIR artjournalism storyteller photographer and founder of (polite) presidential paparazzi with manners. He is the author of gobs of books including "Sarah Palin Inspires Me", "Huckisms" and "You May Be A TEApublican".

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