January 11th, 2010

A Krusty Six Pack – Six Burning Questions about the Upcoming Legislative Session

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

burning questionsI’m taking a little break from my Monday “You Must Be An Idiot” series. With the legislative session kicking off this morning, there are a lot of things on my mind. So here are a few questions I have about the upcoming week.

1. Does the Iowa Legislature have its own Joe Wilson?

You all remember Joe, the Congressman who yelled “you lie” during one of President Obama’s speech. I’m wondering if someone will utter the same words when Governor Culver declares that “the condition of our state is strong.”

Likely candidates to say such a thing would be, Kent Sorenson, David Hartsuch, or Merlin Bartz. The person to watch is Jack Hatch, you know what happens when he is on the floor of the House. He starts calling people [email protected]@ers.

2. Speaking of the Hatch incident, I find it funny that people are calling for US Senator Harry Reid to retire after saying that Obama is “light skinned” and “with no Negro dialect,” but not one Iowa Democrat had a problem with Hatch calling someone a [email protected]@er.

3. I’m told 2nd District Congressional Candidate Chris Reed is going to be in Des Moines for the Start of the Legislative Session. Ummm, I thought this guy was running for Congress in another part of the state.

4. Will Kerry Burt have a designated driver? We already know that Rep. Burt has some special friends in high places who look out for him. But, Burt proved last session that a friendly phone reminder doesn’t prevent someone from having to bail you out at 3 am. I wonder if someone is assigned to chauffeur Burt around town? My guess is that newly elected Curt Hanson will be given this task since he’s a driver’s education teacher.

5. Will Chairman Strawn mention the fact that the RPI Headquarters were broken into at the legislative breakfast? Wait… I can’t resist. The Republican Party of Iowa is a bunch of idiots for having an office in the hood but not having a security system. Seriously, it was just a matter of time until something like this happened.

6. Will certain Senators do everything in their power to force a vote on marriage? Sen. Gronstal says there will not be a vote, but the real question is what will Republican Senate Leader Paul McKinley be willing to do this year? Last year, he said he did all he could do, but a lot of people claim that he didn’t use every option afforded to him.

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