July 1st, 2010

A Campaign I Wholeheartedly Endorse

I have been involved in a whole new campaign since the primary and I’m excited to share it.  I have split my time between reading all the anti Bob Vander Plaats’s entries here at and looking into sending my son Nate to China for a short term missions trip.  Both require a lot of time. lol  (C’mon that was funny)

Its very inspiring to see my son drop everything and focus on serving overseas for two weeks.  Once he heard about the chance to get bibles to China’s underground church he immediately made the commitment.  He was all in with a bold step of faith.

After scrambling to get a passport and visa the past two weeks we found out today everything is a go.  His flights are booked and his financial support level is at 76% of what he needs to pull in.  So God is working fast matching Nate’s faith.

Already that faith has already been tested on the account that the baseball all-star team he recently made just earned a berth to the USSA World Series in Kansas City that will play during the same time when Nate is gone.  Nate took the news in stride knowing he could not foresee that happening beforehand and he stuck true to his China commitment unfazed.

Understand two things:  I’ve spent my life as Nate’s dad teaching him about Christ and how to throw a fastball.  I am humbled and pleased he has put serving God ahead of the game he loves so much.

This story includes the key detail that the youth leaders, I was blessed to have influenced me so much when I was a teen, are also going on the trip to serve as bible couriers to serve China’s underground church.  Mom says it is the only reason she is allowing her 14-year-old son to go since he will travel with trusted friends.  I say God is at work.

For me it was a no-brainer to send him.  He is active in sharing his faith and it will be a great discipleship opportunity for him to be with my former youth ministry mentors.  Of course serving God in China is exciting and will no doubt be a life changing experience for him.  He will be the only teen on a team of a dozen primarily from Indiana.

China is the largest populated country in the world with 1 out of 6 people living there.

China law states that people are free to believe in God or not to, but it is against the law to ‘evangelize’ a minor.  In Beijing for example there are 12 million people, but only 7 “approved’ churches.  That is where the underground church comes in and that is why they need couriers to bring them bibles.  Nate will go back and forth across the border at least three times a day for 10 days with scripture suitcases in tow.

While I shouldn’t mention the sending ministry name or exact location where Nate will be here in this article for security purposes you can certainly figure out the ministry name if you request a receipt from any gift given for Nate’s trip.  I encourage you to follow Nate’s travels at his facebook page found directly at

As Nate’s dad I had to share his step of faith to encourage you my republican friends in hopes his trip will inspire you to pray for the spiritual needs of China and for you to be prompted to get on board with Nate.  We certainly need an active prayer team behind him.

It has been a refreshing break to sit back and only soak in Iowa politics for a few weeks and focus my attention to an international need.

Coincidence or irony, but it wasn’t long after Nate started wearing the T-shirt (pictured at right) that reads, “This Shirt Is Illegal In 50 Countries,” that he now has the chance to make a difference where bibles are either forbidden or hard to get a hold of.

Some of you over the past year have asked me for photos and I say grab them at  Its always fun to see a facebook avatar a photo I have taken.  It a way for me to have a personal touch with a person.  Many have asked, “What do I owe you for that?”  My bad business response is, “My compliments.”

Well if since Nate is in need of more support and asking for it too it sure would be a great encouragement to me if you followed Nate’s world mission vision play out at his site Our family covets your prayers for saftey and God’s will and appreciate any donations towards his China project.  If it helps the generosity, think of it as a photo tip jar to encourage my son in mission work.  Also please leave Nate a note on his facebook wall and share with teens and believers who may be interested in keeping up with him.

Also I have to mention a gift from a youth pastor friend I have here in central Iowa.  Ryan McMahan’s band Syndrome of Fire is having a FREE benefit concert this Friday July 2nd for Nate’s trip.  It will be a fun family orientated event full of prayers for China.  Come on over!

Thanks for reading. – Dave

photos by Dave Davidson

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