April 28th, 2010


headlines“Culver OKs bill with provision to keep sex offenders on DM’s south side.”

The Des Moines Register

That should help economic development.

“Freelance technician in Iowa for Obama visit caught with pot”

Radio Iowa

No wonder ABC’s news department sucks, errr inhales.

“GOP candidate’s call to microchip immigrants draws backlash”

Iowa Independent

I don’t want to track illegals, I want them to go home. Next thing you know the federal government will want to track all of us, like we are the government’s cat or dog, or worse, a felon.

“Kids as young as 14 will be ticketed for not buckling up in Iowa”

The Des Moines Register

Its bad enough that Chet Culver has indebted the next generation to pay for his billion dollar I-Jobs plan, but now he is going to pull over kids and give them seat belt tickets? I hope they earn a good allowance.

Waiting for Culver and his 14 pens

Sioux City Journal

So Governor Culver uses 14 pens to sign a bill. Interesting. Culver also goes through three shirts a day, or at least what I overheard his security detail say. People say the craziest stuff when they’re off the clock. Seriously, I don’t know what’s worse, having to watch Chet change his shirt, or having to smell the dirty pile of clothes in the car.

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