December 30th, 2009

Zaun Hopes Holiday Spirit Momentum Carries Campaign Far Into New Year

752152292_BKRrv-MBrad Zaun got what he wanted for Christmas Monday night… Enthusiastic friends, devoted family and curious constituents packed into Christopher’s Restaurant to spark his 2010 campaign for Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District to the next level. The open guest list even included his kindergarten teacher from Howe Elementary School cheering him on.

Zaun, a state senator and assistant minority leader, paid tribute in a heartfelt thanks to his parents in opening remarks of a brief speech.  There wasn’t a person there of the 150, (braving low temps and missing the Bears upset the Vikings on Monday Night Football) who was not convinced how much Zaun’s parents meant to him.

“My dad always said to have one hat size,” Zaun relayed to the crowd as he promised to listen to the people and stay humble.   He later explained that listening to the customer’s need and then solving that need at the family hardware store business would be similar to the role he wants to play in Washington.  Zaun confided, “I’m good with names, and though remembering tens of thousand of names will not be possible, I can certainly listen to every voice and respond to solving those needs much like our family has done over the years at the hardware store.”

“He is a populist candidate.  He would represent the people well,” said John Irving of Urbandale, having seen his track record play out first hand as a resident to then Mayor Zaun.

After explaining how adamant and enthusiastic his wife Dede is supporting his congressional bid, Zaun showed a time line chart depicted the demise of the national debt that has accumulated since he was a child.  Zaun spoke of a campaign approach strategy that would be unconventional and effective. With a touch of class Zaun, acknowledged the legacy of long standing democrat congressman Leonard Boswell, but was spirited to say, “His time has come to and end and a new era the this district will begin in 2010.”

Speaking of saying goodbye to Boswell, during my talk with Zaun and his campaign director Tom Clegg, they accepted the invitation to participate in an upcoming forum hosted by The Iowa Republican. Details of the event are still in the works and invitations to other candidates who also have their site set on winning the June 8 primary will be invited as well. It will be the first campaign in 10 years with more than one Republican seeking the nomination to challenge Boswell.

Having been please to meet Funk and Bertroche already, I am personally looking forward to meeting Gibbons and Rees and any other candidate who come forward to run.  I think The Iowa Republican’s “Farewell Boswell” forum will be an excellent way we can learn about these candidates.  I applaud and thank all of these men for running and plan on supporting whoever wins the primary the best I can for Iowa’s 3rd district.

To catch a glimpse of what the party was like and to watch a few quotes by Zaun firsthand, check out this “montage fusion” of the event which artistically blends still images and video…

[youtube 6b2xGnQYsnw]

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