October 5th, 2009

You Must be an Idiot!

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

It’s been a while since I have introduced a new theme for a weekly column. With stupidity running rampant every weekend, I’ve decided that my Monday posts will be dedicated to calling out the idiots from the week before. Feel free to offer your own suggestions, there is too much material for me to cover alone, so please join in the fun.

Mark Daley:

DaleyDaley is Congressman Boswell’s spokesperson. He also appeared on the Insiders with John Bachman this weekend. When asked about Phyllis Stevens, the Aviva USA employee who stole $5.9 million and donated some of it to people like Congressman Boswell, Daley tried to compare what Stevens did to the Regency Homes collapse.

Daley’s twisted logic goes something like this: Regency borrowed a lot of money to provide cash flow. They had a lot of assets but not much cash. When the market crashed and Regency couldn’t pay its bank notes, the company collapsed. Since the executives gave to Republicans, it’s kinda like Stevens EMBEZZELING $5.9 million.

Mark Daley –You must be an idiot!

The Des Moines Register

dmregThe Register wrote a story that said that the candidates who received contributions from Phyllis and Marla Stevens are not required to return the contributions. It’s not that these candidates must give the money back; it’s that they should return it or give it to charity which is done in these kinds of situations. Maybe instead of writing a crappy story like they did, they should do a story on why candidates in Colorado are donating the contributions to charity while the Iowans who received stolen money are keeping it for now.

Des Moines Register – You must be an idiot!

Senator Chuck Grassley:

chuckApparently senator Grassley went to the Iowa Christian Alliance event and delivered s speech entitled, “Then and Now.” Grassley was comparing his current positions on issues to his positions stated in a 1980 campaign flyer.

One of the items he mentioned was how he would only support strict constitutionalists for the Supreme Court. He referenced his “no” vote on Judge Sonia Sotomayor. Hey Chuck! What about your “yes” votes on both of Bill Clinton’s appointments to the Supreme Court? You know, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer? Does he really think we are this stupid?

Senator Grassley – You must be an idiot!

Kathie Obradovich

obradovichApparently Kathie couldn’t find anything political to write about, so her Sunday column was devoted to the Pope’s 1979 visit to Iowa. Yeah, we wouldn’t want the Register’s political columnist to write about the IDED film scandal, Phyllis Stevens stealing money to give to liberal and gay candidates and causes, or the latest budget numbers. I guess that stuff isn’t really important.

Instead, Kathie wonders if the Pope could draw 340,000 like he did in 1979. WHO CARES? The Pope draws huge crowds, always has, always will. I think something like 500,000 people saw the Pope when he visited Denver in 1993. What is the point in even asking the question?

Seriously, this is something you talk about around the office, or when you are out with friends. I’m shocked that Kathie’s editor would approve a column like this. Look, when I don’t have anything good to write, I just don’t write anything.

Kathie Obradovich – You must be an idiot! And so is your editor.

Mike Kiernan

kiernan2Mike is the chairman of the Iowa Democratic Party. Mike says he has a candidate who will scare the crap out of Senator Grassley. The only problem is nobody knows who the hell he is talking about. Not even Mike Gronstal who said so on Iowa Press.

Then the National Journal says it’s Roxanne Conlin. I sure hope so. The only reason she would scare Grassley is that she looks and sounds like Nancy Pelosi. While she has plenty of money to self-fund, she is nowhere near the candidate that Barry Griswell or Fred Hubbell would be.

Mike Kiernan – You must be an idiot!

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