December 28th, 2009

You Must Be An Idiot

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

Urban Meyer:

urban meyerThere are a couple of things I can’t stand. The first is political candidates that announce that they might announce that they are running for a particular political office. An example of this would be my buddy Bob Vander Plaats. Last January Bob made the media rounds to say that he’s thinking about running, then on Labor Day he made it official. It’s kinda like a pregnant woman making an announcement that she “might” have a baby in nine months but doesn’t want to just say she’s pregnant. Vander Plaats isn’t the only candidate to do this, Branstad did it as well.

Meyer let it be known that he was going to resign after the Sugar Bowl. The news shocked the sports world. Then less than 24 hours later he decides to just take a leave of absence. Look, if he’s not going to coach he should resign, but with college football being such a huge business I’m sure the University of Florida, not Meyer’s players are behind his change of heart.

Urban Meyer, you look like a complete idiot.

Dave Cochran:

CochranWho the hell is Dave Cochran? Yeah, I didn’t know either. Cochran is the associate professor of politics at Loras College. He also provided 3 of the Dubuque Telegraph Herald’s 10 predictions for 2010 and all of them are beyond stupid.

Cochran’s Predictions

Chet Culver will be re-elected. “Iowa Gov. Chet Culver will narrowly win re-election, given the strength of his political efforts so far and the fact that a Republican candidate has not yet emerged.” Well it’s hard for a Republican candidate to emerge BEFORE the Republican primary. Hey dude, wake up, read a news paper and realize that Culver is in deep trouble.

Democrats lose 20 House seats and 3 US Senate seats. “The Democrats will lose 20 seats in the House of Representatives and three seats in the Senate during midterm elections. Why? The party in power typically has more trouble during off-year elections. Also, high unemployment leads to economic anxiety, and people tend to blame whichever party is in power.” Cochran’s numbers are really low and he is obviously just playing it safe. Again, proves how clueless he is about the political climate.

Sarah Palin might run for President. “Expect to see the former Alaska governor stay in the news. In fact, you might even spot her at a tri-state location near you. She most likely will begin making her share of stops in Iowa toward the end of the year in preparation of the state’s next caucuses. As for a presidential run, she’s going to keep her options open. In the meantime, she’s going to keep a high profile.” How the hell is this even a prediction? Come on, maybe this is the guy who is advising Urban Meyer. Come on, have a take and don’t suck.

So if you are wondering why I chose to write about Mr. Cochran, it’s because this is one of the guys who gets to nominate people to be on the Iowa Supreme Court and the Iowa Court of Appeals. A lot of people like to place blame on our Governor’s for appointing certain justices to the court, but it’s really unknowns like Cochran who have more say in who is makes it on the court.

Cochran’s predictions prove that he’s an idiot, and I’m sick to my stomach knowing that this dweeb helps select who is on the Iowa Supreme Court.

Alan Garfield:

Garfield, Alan_webGarfield is another Dubuque Telegraph Herald prediction contributor. He is a professor at the University of Dubuque. Garfield predicts the end of the blogosphere. “Thus begins the fall of the blog. With the success of Twitter and other social networking sites, blogs will become less attractive to computer users. Fewer “newbies” will start them, and current blogs will begin closing their doors.”

I have friend who blog about their lives, the typical stuff you see on Facebook. I can see blogs like that fading away, but not blogs that actually offer good content. Face it, blogs like TIR, John Deeth, Over-Caffeinated thoughts, and Bleeding Heartland all offer good content you just can’t find in the main-stream media.

What the heck is in the water in Dubuque? The end of the blogosphere? You’re an idiot Garfield.

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