December 14th, 2009

You Must Be an Idiot

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

tebTerry Branstad:

What was it that John Kerry said back in 2004, something like, “I actually voted for it before I voted against it?” Well break out the flip-flops because Branstad just had a senior moment or something. He bashes Culver for wanting to use money for roads to pay for state troopers, but forgets that he’s guilty of the same sin.

Look, Branstad’s position that it is the wrong thing to do it is the correct one, but the guy looks like a total idiot for blasting Culver for something he’s done. Heck, who knows, Chet could go back on TV with one of those ads that shows a kid saying or doing something their parent do. I can hear it now, “I learned it from watching you Terry.”

republican_party_logoAll Republican Gubernatorial Candidates:

So the REC came out with its latest revenue projection. It’s not good, they lowers the state’s estimated revenue by another $50 million, but not one gubernatorial candidate sent out a press release. I understand that it’s not the doomsday scenario that some GOPers wanted to see, but it’s a missed opportunity to talk about the looming BILLION DOLLAR budget gap that Culver and Company will have to contend with next year.

Props to Kraig Paulsen, Paul McKinley and Matt Strawn for their timely reactions to the news. I’m glad someone is tending the store, but where the heck are our gubernatorial candidates? Idiots.

DaleyMark Daley:

Daley is Roxanne Conlin’s campaign manager. I wonder how many cats are in the campaign office. Anyway, Conlin’s primary opponents have been calling on “Taxanne” to drop out of the race because Republican are already attaching her credibility as a candidate.

Daley told Lee Newspapers, “Every candidate and the Republican party are fast at work attacking Roxanne Conlin for an accomplishment that is unmatched in Iowa history. Putting cash in the pockets of more than 114,000 Iowans and another $60 million into our schools, without even holding an elected office, is unparalleled.”

Yeah Mark, while Roxanne was putting $90 bucks in people’s pocket, she put millions in her own. You can’t even buy Microsoft office for $90 bucks. The ironic thing is if Roxanne is elected, I doubt she will be letting me keep more of my hard earned money. She will have her litter laced hands on my wallet and yours too.

Mark Daley is an idiot. Roxanne had nothing to do with getting that money for the schools. Every state got that deal. The only thing she is good at is lining her own packets with Bill Gates’ money.

ClayworthCoveredWhere the hell is Jason Clayworth?

Jason has not blogged for the Des Moines Register site since December 3rd? Has he been furloughed? Did he get married? Or is he being punished for posting topless pictures of the Governor? Your guess is as good as mine.

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