December 7th, 2009

You must be an Idiot

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

strawnThe Republican State Central Committee

As you all know, I’m not a fan of the new Executive Director of the Republican Party of Iowa. Some had insinuated that I must have a personal grudge against Jim Anderson. I don’t. The biggest problem with the pick of Anderson is that it further perpetuates the loser class we deal with in Iowa politics. We so desperately need new, young, classy professionals. Anderson is not that. He is part of the drinking club, phone it in, and piss down your leg crowd.

While Jeff Boeyink wasn’t young, he is a classy professional. I thought Strawn’s pick of him was outstanding. With Boeyink at the helm RPI was able to make some fundamental changes. I thought Iowa Republicans had turned a corner. I’ll admit, I was disappointed that he left to run Branstad’s campaign, but really thought that Strawn would have selected a replacement that would be in the mold of Boeyink. Anderson is nowhere close. It’s just a bad pick.

Selecting the Executive Director is Strawn’s responsibility, but the State Central Committee validates the pick. Obviously the SCC didn’t want to embarrass Strawn, but in doing so they only just perpetuate the problems that plague the party. And for that, they are idiots.


Apparently Sen. Baucus thought it was appropriate to appoint his girlfriend Melodee Hanes to be U.S. Attorney for Montana. Well, I’m sure he reviewed her qualifications…

What is interesting is that Melodee Hanes has an Iowa connection. She graduated from Drake Law School in 1982 and became an assistant prosecutor in Des Moines. I believe she still teaches a class there on occasion. Anyway, the folks at Daily Kos have a lot of background on Ms. Hanes.

As for Sen. Baucus, you’re an Idiot for pushing your girlfriends name to be the U.S. Attorney in your home state.

car-tent-04Palin Parking Lot Campers

I understand why people love Sarah Palin. She’s a star. In fact she is the only “celebrity” candidate that exists in the Republican Party. What I don’t understand is why on earth anyone would camp out in a parking lot for 15 hours or so in the frigid conditions. Palin was alson two hours late, and only 500 people were able to secure wrist bands that allowed them to get their book signed by Palin.

Freezing you’re a$$ off so you can say hello and get a page in a book scribbled on make you an idiot in my book.


We are told its going to be a snowy week in Iowa. The snow sucks, but it’s all the idiots out there driving around in it that I can’t stand.

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