November 23rd, 2009

You Must Be an Idiot

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

I don’t have a lot of idiots this week. Maybe it’s because I’m more focused on turkey and football rather than politics. Here is what I’ve got. Please feel free to add your own in the comment section.

culver triathalonErin Seidler and Troy Price

Seidler and Price are Governor Culver’s top communication experts. I’m sure the taxpayers pay them well. Anyway, how on earth can you let Chet Culver go swimming without his shirt on? I mean keep the shirt on man or buy a full body wet suit. The last thing I would want floating around if I was Culver are shirtless pictures. Look, the pictures of him running are fine, because he has a shirt on. To be honest, this is about as stupid as Sarah Palin pardoning a turkey while some dude in the background keep on killing.

Seidler and Price, you guys are idiots.

pattyPatty Judge

Is there a more vile woman in Iowa than Lt. Governor Parry Judge? I understand the role that she plays in the Culver administration, she’s the attack dog. But her little diatribe on Sarah Palin and everything Republican is just stupid. Patty, if you want to write a book have at it, but you and I both know that nobody would pay money to buy it. . I loved the fact that apparently some of her jokes fell flat on the audience. Here is a hint Patty, people don’t like to be yelled at, so stop.

Patty Judge, you are going to look like an idiot on Election Night next November. Will you yell at us then too?

Roxanne ConlinRoxanne

Does Roxanne think she is like Madonna? Seriously, is it smart to have a logo and signs that only say your first name? I think it makes you an idiot.

Roxanne attacked Grassley on Saturday night. No big surprise there, but I thought her line of attack might actually hurt Chet culver more than it will hurt Grassley. Roxanne wants to know why Grassley is not with the laid-off workers from principal and Electrolux? What about Governor Culver, Roxanne?

Seriously, this reminds me of the Jeff Lamberti running against Washington, while Jim Nussle was running for Governor. It just didn’t work. Republican candidates were undercutting their own message. While it wasn’t done on purpose, it did hurt the overall message that Iowa republicans were trying to convey in 2006. Looks like it’s the Democrats turn to figure out how to do this dance.

Roxanne, you are an idiot.

whoTV13Ch 13’s Today in Iowa Commercials

Yeah, I’m sorry but these TV promos are terrible. I could care less what time Jeriann Ritter, Brooke Bouma, and Patrick Dix have to get up in the morning. If you want me to watch Today in Iowa, pray for bad weather, otherwise I’m not watching.

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