November 16th, 2009

You Must be an Idiot

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

Chet Culver

Culver Thumbs UpI find it interesting that Chet Culver began to run a series of TV ads just a couple of weeks before the Des Moines Register polled. Culver spent $250k on the ads and still tanked in the polls. So we are left with just two options. One, the ads actually hurt Culver more than they helped. I can see that. Culver has been AWOL and then all of a sudden he’s talking to me while I’m watching Glee. Can’t he just have a press conference? Or two, the ads actually did help him. What would have Culver’s poll numbers looked like without all of those TV ads. Scary thought.

Chet Culver – all the TV ads in the world are not going to help you win re-election. People think you are an idiot and have had enough.

The News Media

Chet RunningYesterday, Chet Culver supposedly participated in a triathlon in Florida. I guess we will have to take his word for it since there are no news accounts or photos of Culver’s athletic achievement. Here is what I don’t get, thousands of people tune in to watch balloon-boy or the countless reality shows on TV, but nobody wants to roll film on a 400 lb governor running?

Culver has been a tough person to find in Iowa lately. We all have seen how unpopular he has become, but I think there might be another reason for his absence – fat camp. Look, Culver’s re-election is in such trouble that the only thing that he might be able to control is his image. Just watch a much smaller Chet Culver emerge for his next condition of the state speech.

Come on traditional media. I’m sure Dave Price or Jason Clayworth would have loved to hang out with the Gov in Florida this weekend. You guys are a bunch of idiots for not covering this news story. Heck, you could have gotten comment from the Governor on his crappy poll numbers while you were down there.

Joy Corning

joy corningYou all knew this one was coming. Joy, what the hell are you doing? You say you support Branstad, but you do things that harm his campaign. I love how Joy wants the Republican Party to have a big tent, but she actually funds and serves organizations whose main purpose is to defeat Republican candidates.

Joy Corning isn’t a Republican. If she was, she wouldn’t serve on the board of Planned Parenthood, an organization that organized thousands of volunteers to help get Chet Culver elected in 2006. Look, I know there are pro-choice Republicans, but there is a big difference in a pro-choice Republicans who donate and volunteer to help defeat Republicans and pro-choices people who just disagree with the Republican platform.

Joy, you’re not a Republican, you’re an idiot.

Terry Branstad

Branstad FilesWhere in the hell are you? Let’s see. You show up a week ago this past Saturday. You headline a GOP fundraiser on Tuesday, then Joy Corning goes nuts and robo calls Republicans, and you go into hiding. I think it’s becoming clear that you were not ready to announce your campaign for Governor when you did. How else can you explain all of the previous commitments you are still required to meet.

Terry, you might not be the best speaker and you might be a bit rusty, but you do your best when you mix it up with people and reporters. You need to get out on the campaign trail. People want to look into your eyes and ask you some serious questions.

Governor Branstad, it looks like you were an idiot for announcing your campaign when you did. You are starting to remind me of Paul McKinley’s “aggressive” gubernatorial campaign…

Bruce Braley

BruceBraleyIf being the brains behind Cash-for-Clunkers, supporting all the various bailouts, government takeover of private businesses, and surrendering people’s control over their health care decisions to government bureaucrats wasn’t enough, it now seems that Congressman Braley wants to house terrorists just across the Mississippi River in Thompson, Illinois.

What the hell, man? This is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard of. We all liked it when they were in Gitmo. You know, thousands of miles away from here. Yet, you voted to allow this to happen.

Congressman Braley, you’re an idiot. This is the vote that will end your congressional career.

Kathie Obradovich

obradovichWelcome home Kathie. Your article comparing Governor Culver’s poor approval numbers to Branstad’s numbers in 1992 was pathetic. I’ll be the first to admit, approval numbers don’t mean squat. President George W. Bush had low approval numbers and was able to get reelected.

What is sobering about the Register’s poll is that two Republicans beat the incumbent governor a year before Election Day. Get past the approval numbers and look at the fact that Iowans have had enough of Culver’s leadership. Culver got crushed in the Iowa Poll by 24 points by Branstad and 8 points by Vander Plaats. That is the big story, not his approval numbers. I’m sure Governor Culver appreciates the spin cycle you provide, but it’s pretty hard to hide the truth.

Kathie, you’re nothing more than a liberal hack posing as an objective columnist. That makes you an idiot.

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