October 26th, 2009

You Must Be an Idiot!

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

Chet TranceGovernor Chet Culver

Governor Culver issues a statement congratulating the Iowa Hawkeyes for their first ever 8-0 start, but fails to release a statement congratulating Iowa State for their first victory in Nebraska since 1977. Iowans are passionate about their sports teams. The ISU snub from the Governor will not sit well with some ISU fans.

It sure seems like Culver is having difficulty doing the easiest of tasks. He messed up his own pay cut then screwed up congratulating one football team but not the other. How embarrassing. What’s next, Culver getting caught stealing a cookie from a homeless shelter? Oh what am I thinking, he’s training for a triathlon.

Chet Culver, you must be an idiot.

obradovichKathie Obradovich

Obradovich wrote a column about bringing back TouchPlay and picked out who could be a potential winner and loser if it happens. First of all, how stupid would the legislature look if they voted to create TouchPlay, then voted to ban it, only to reinstate it again. Second, didn’t we pay all of these TouchPlay vendors a settlement for reneging on the program when we banned it in 2006? What a waste of money that would end up being.

I also think it’s hypocritical that Democrats are alright with people drinking and gambling at bars, but if they want to smoke a cigarette, drink and gamble they have to go to a casino. Come on Kathie, think before you write. There are tons of angles on this story. You seemed to miss them all.

Kathie Obradovich, you must be an idiot.

chuckSen. Chuck Grassley

Grassley pissed off a bunch of Branstad supporters the other day when he said “I don’t know if Branstad wins or not.” This is stupid on many levels. Grassley has his own problems with the base of the Republican Party, but his opponent is going to be someone Branstad knows really well since he beat Roxanne Conlin in 1982. I’m sure Branstad might have some helpful tips in how to get under Roxanne’s skin, but Grassley’s comments probably will prevent that from happening.

I appreciate what Grassley was trying to do. I agree that Branstad has a difficult primary in front of him, but when you say something that allows the Democratic Party to send out a press release attacking another Republican with your statement it’s never a good thing.

Chuck Grassley, you must be an idiot.

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