October 12th, 2009

You Must Be An Idiot!

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

Governor Chet Culver:

brokeGovernor Culver was forced to make drastic cuts to the state budget following the REC conference last week. After admitting that he has absolutely no sway with legislative leaders in his own party, he decided against a special session, opting instead for a massive 10% across the board cut.

If acknowledging his weakness within his own party wasn’t bad enough, he also missed out on a huge opportunity to deal with another scandal that continues to haunt him. In calling a special session Culver could have also dealt with the Iowa Film tax credit fiasco. Failing to do so means more stories about film projects leaving the state while the program is in limbo. He should have either fixed it or killed it. The political people advising Culver are weak. Culver is now the poster boy for all the state’s problems. Why would a sitting governor who is up for reelection not want to share some of the burden.

Governor Chet Culver, you must be an IDIOT.

CityView’s Civic Skinny:

city viewThe Skinny thinks that Roxanne Conlin will scare the crap out of Sen. Grassley. If I were Grassley I would beg her to run against me. Conlin is Iowa’s version of Nancy Pelosi and I don’t care how much money she has to sink in to another campaign that is destine to fail, or how much free media the Des Moines Register would give her, there is no way that Nancy Pelosi Light will defeat Grassley in this environment.

Skinny also writes, “The Republican Party apparatus was taken over by zealots who seem to prefer ideological purity over electoral victory.” That’s insane. One, there is no such thing as a Republican apparatus in this state. The Republican Party is more like owning a boat; it’s just something we pour a lot of money into so you can have a good time a few times a year. Two, I never thought that Iowans for Tax Relief were zealots. ITR is running the top campaigns in the House and Senate, and have their figure prints all over the state party. If you are going to blast the party at least get it right.

Civic Skinny, you must be an IDIOT.

Kathie Obradovich:

obradovich2Get used to seeing the Des Moines Register’s political columnist on here, she provides so much content. On Friday, Kathie blogged about Mike Denklau, a 26-year-old Democrat from New York City who is going to challenge Congressman Steve King in Iowa’s 5th CD.

What is Denklau’s connection to the 5th CD? He hates Steve King. At least that’s the only thing I took from Obraovich’s blog post. Denklau is originally from Scott County in eastern Iowa, that’s a long way from western Iowa. Anyway, he worked on Bill Bradley and John Kerry’s presidential campaigns so there is a possibility that he has been to western Iowa once or twice. There was no mention in Kathie’s story about what western Iowa town Denklau will call home. Nice bit a journalism there…

Kathie Obradovich, you must be an IDIOT.

Snow In October:

snow_shovel_1I love experiencing all of the four seasons, but measurable snow on October 10th is ridiculous. Its one thing to get a few flurries like was predicted, but seeing a blanket of thick wet snow on everything was a shock to the system. Lets hope Old Man Winter doesn’t stick around for six months. We already have a hard enough time keeping people in this state. I also wonder why we have not heard much from Al Gore on Global Warming this year?

Snow in October, you must be an IDIOT.


walmartIf having to deal with snow wasn’t bad enough, when I went to Wal-Mart to get some trick-or-treat candy for all the little Democrats who will come to my door looking for hand outs in a couple weeks, I noticed they had all their Christmas stuff up.

I think this year when those little hoodlums come knocking I’m going to answer the door wearing an Obama mask. That way I can take their candy and give it to some kid who is so damn lazy he refuses to even put on a costume and knock on my door.

Does anyone really buy Christmas lights in October?

Wal-Mart, you must be an IDIOT.

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