July 14th, 2009

You get What You Pay For – Part II

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

bribe1Yesterday, I exposed how Master Builders of Iowa wrote some really expensive thank you notes to the six “pro-business” Democrats that stood up and stopped the bid labor union agenda from sailing through the legislative process. I also commented on how stupid it was to continue to fund Democrats when those “pro-business” six will just continue to vote for Pat Murphy to lead them. If people like Master Builders of Iowa want to stop the union agenda, they need to stop funding the Democrats.

Master Builders isn’t the only group guilty of this. Associated General Contractors and the Iowa Association of Builders and Contractors also felt the need to help Pat Murphy retain his position as Speaker of the House, by helping maintain a Democrat majority.

The Iowa Association of Builders and Contractors gave Larry Marek, Brian Quirk, and Doris Kelley $500 contributions. Now I’m glad ABC of Iowa didn’t give them each $5,000 like Master Builders did, but still, wouldn’t it be a better investment to make sure that those labor issues never come up for a vote in the first place? ABC has a history of being very loyal to Republican candidates and causes.

Associated General Contractors of Iowa made post session contributions to Brian Quirk, Larry Marek, Doris Kelley, Dolores Mertz, McKinley Bailey. The each got $500. They also gave Gronstal and Murphy each $1000, as well as $1000 to House Truman Fund (Dem). AGC also gave Sen. Steve Warnstadt $1000, Rep. Paul Bell $500, Sen. Herman Quirmback $250, and Sen. Joe Bolkcom $500.

So they hate the union agenda, but love all the borrowed money Chet is pumping into their pockets. I’m sure they will be friendly to Republicans next session when they come begging for help to stop the union agenda once again.

I know how the game is played at the Capitol, but maybe our state wouldn’t be in such bad shape if we just stopped playing the games. I’m sure they would change their tune if a Republican occupied the governor’s office. And it looks like the possibility of that grows everyday…

I’m fascinated by the polling numbers we have seen in poll. I’m also frustrated by some people’s comments that Republicans must somehow decide what their top issue is going to be. That’s just ludicrous. We need a multi-facetted candidate who can talk about growing our economy, fixing Culver’s budget mess, and letting people of Iowa vote on marriage. Seriously folks, it’s not that complicated.

Republicans should rejoice that a majority of Iowans agree with them on social issues and economic issues. But instead, we continue to fight among ourselves over 70% issues because a small portion of the party vehemently opposes our principled positions on those issues.

As for the Nussle polling, I highly doubt he would jump into the gubernatorial race, but it does help us realize how incredibly weak Culver is. Culver has been out on whistle stop tours all across the state promoting passenger rail service. He’s visited every large community campaigning for his I-Jobs proposal. In short, he’s passed out a bunch of key chains and money, and while locals will gladly take those things, his re-election bid looks as if it’s going to be an uphill battle.

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