September 3rd, 2009

You Can’t Make This Crap Up

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Written by: Battleground Iowa
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By Emily Geiger
Obama wants school children to have to learn more about him and write about how he inspires them


Seriously. This is not a joke. Does he think we’re stupid enough to not see this for what it is… outright indoctrination?

I mean, I know he’s used to having children produce 20-foot-tall beaded mosaics of his likeness for his birthday (with no help from adults, I’m sure), but I kinda think today’s kids need to focus a little more on multiplication, spelling and grammar before they are required to memorize Barry’s favorite color and food.

And my other favorite story from yesterday… Obama’s communist advisor Van Jones says that Obama can’t get any legislation passed (despite having HUGE majorities of Democrats in both houses of Congress) because Republicans are “assholes.” (So much for Barry’s sense of good-will and bipartisanship).

Of course it can’t be because Obama’s ideas suck so bad that members of his own party can’t even support them if they want any chance of being re-elected.

Good grief. This guy really is living in his own little world where he’s dictator of all.

Seriously, what other figures in history have mandated that children learn all about them, post huge pictures of themselves in front of national landmarks, and makes completely irrational attacks against political opponents that make no sense and have no basis in reality?

Nobody good… nobody who didn’t have his soldiers goose-step.

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