March 27th, 2009

Yepsen, King, & Taxes

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Written by: Constitution Daily

Probably the most important news of the day is Dave Yepsen’s retirement from The Des Moines Register. Although I think Yepsen leans a little to the left, he’s been a good journalist at a paper almost void of any sense of journalism. Yepsen will be missed by both sides of the aisle and is impossible to replace.

The one thing I love about being a conservative is we can typically have more faith in our politicians to be morally grounded. When I first read the article Roll Call about King wrongly getting a property tax deduction, I had my doubts of the legitimacy of the story. Right from the git-go, King denied applying for the deduction, claiming an error by the DC tax department. Sure enough, the news comes out that King was right. I wonder if Bleeding Heartland or the fanatical liberals over at Democrat Underground will apologize for prematurely cutting off King’s head…I’m betting that’s a big fat NO.

While we’re on taxes, I see Ed Failor, Jr.’s organization is going to put on an all out blitz against the Democrats for pushing the end of the federal tax deduction. He’s got a great analogy on this that should be repeated until we’re blue in the face. These Democrats will lose their majority in 2010…mark my words.

By the way, the Democrats have still yet to make it easier for a business to make money. I wonder who they think creates jobs.

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