April 21st, 2009

Words Matter


I found a cool site the other day on my daily search of Iowa politicians. Capitol Words is a site that calculates the word frequency and the total number of words spoken by Members of Congress. I was surprised to see Congressman Steve King and Senator Chuck Grassley near the top of the list for most words spoken in the last 60 days.


Since I had never seen the site before, I thought I’d click on Iowa to see what words are most frequently spoken by Iowa politicians. Here is the top 4 for each with their total number of words spoken in the last year.


  • Grassley: Tax, Percent, Policy, Relief – 13,303
  • Harkin: School, Iowa, District, Schools – 18,108
  • Braley: Iowa, Help, Country, School – 1,958
  • Loebsack: Iowa, Team, University, School – 681
  • Boswell: Iowa, Nation, Jim, Country – 326
  • Latham: Iowa, Community, Honor, Service – 3,819
  • King: Energy, Oil, Gas, Percent – 9,794


Loebsack is one quiet guy. Doesn’t he remind you of that co-worker in a meeting who doesn’t ever say a word? You just know he/she doesn’t do anything and therefore can’t contribute.


Latham may have the best top four. That should be his campaign slogan. Hey Latham campaign, if you use that, I better get some royalties!


King seems to talk mostly about economic issues, specifically energy. For those of you who have been to his events you already know that. Before King marginalized the Des Moines Register, they used hundreds of words painting King as one who only works on social issues. Hmmm…they seem to be wrong again.


Harkin really likes talking about schools. By the way, 8th and 9th on his list are “grant” and “grants.” How did I know the word “grant” would be in there?


Grassley has obviously spent most of his time talking about the bailouts and tax policy. For all the times he seems to frustrate conservatives, we need to remember that Iowa is really lucky to have him. We could have had another Harkin for the past 50 years.


Braley is just boring. I’ve always thought that.


Boswell is even quieter than Loebsack. He does seriously need to retire. Between him and Loebsack I don’t know who is least affective. And what is the deal with “Jim” being 3rd on the list?


I also thought it would be funny to see what words Iowa local politicians would have used the most in the past few weeks. I’m sure “gay” and “homosexual” would be near the top. I’m betting Gronstal’s most frequent words are “no” and “out of order”. Culver’s would most likely be “I don’t know, ask Gronstal.”



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