October 27th, 2009

Will the Bad Economy Force Ed Fallon to Run for Governor?

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

edplayinGood morning my loyal Krustaceans.

The economy in Iowa is in really bad shape. It seems like every day we see new signs of just how bad things really are. Last week, the state slashed 1391 jobs as a result of Chet Culver’s across-the-board cuts. Then we learned that Electrolux would eliminate 850 jobs in Iowa. As a side note, yesterday Electrolux posted stronger-than-expected rise in third-quarter net profit. Good news for all those Mexican employees they are just about to hire…

The economy is also hitting community organizers hard. Just yesterday, Ed Fallon sent out an email to his peeps begging for work. He will play for weddings, holiday parties and a variety of special events. He is available for beginning and intermediate piano, accordion, classical guitar, folk guitar, Irish whistle and Irish drum. I have to admit, I’ve always been interested in learning how to play the Irish whistle and drum.

I wonder if Matt Strawn and the people over at the Republican Party of Iowa need a little music during the reception for their big fundraiser on November 7th. That event looks like it will be Branstad’s first event with the other candidates. Is there a better way to welcome him to the race than an Ed Fallon serenade? I know some of you don’t think I’m serious, but I long for the days when Republicans and Democrats were able to set aside their differences on St. Patrick’s Day for an Irish jam session. There was nothing like watching the conservative Dan Boddicker join Ed Fallon in singing, O’ Danny Boy in the House Chamber.

Sorry, I got a little distracted. Anyway, I feel really bad for Fallon. Not only was he unable to get a job with the Culver administration last year after threatening him, his good friend, sugar momma, and business partner Phyllis Stevens was just charged on 18 counts of embezzlement. When Stevens got caught stealing $6 million from her employer, it also put an end to Fallon and Stevens’ housing co-op in the Sherman Hill district of Des Moines.

I’m sure the co-op was just going to be a boarding house for gay activist to live while they come to Iowa and work on campaigns. Ed probably wasn’t going to get rich running Stevens’ boarding house, but it would have provided him with steady income and some great people to collaborate with.

Now it seems like Ed Fallon might only have one option to put food on his table. He might have to run for Governor. There is nothing like running for Governor to provide for your family. It allows you to travel the state, eat some free food, meet people, and have the media cover it. Ed Fallon is not the only one guilty of this. Republicans do it, too. The only difficult part is finding some donors who you can dupe into funding all of this. That could be tough for Ed now that Phyllis Stevens is locked up.

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