November 19th, 2009

Where Have We Heard This Before Chet?

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

With yet another dose of dismal polling numbers indicating that he is now trailing Gov. Branstad by a whopping 24 points, it is no wonder the Big Lug found the time to get the hell out of Dodge and do what we all know he as a true passion for; triathlons.

Chet Run 3

Now I have nothing against those with a passion for exercise, far from it actually. I have been known on occasion to park the klown car in the detached garage and jog cigarette-in-hand to work, however you cannot be intellectually honest about the timing of said fitness bonanza for Governor Goodbody. With record unemployment and a budget crisis that David Vaudt is no longer alone in talking about, one can easily wonder why the Culver Administration with their thousands of AFSCME represented employees would stand by and allow Culver to skip town when the writing on the wall indicates that most of them will be peddling resumes a year from now.

The team of folks who advise Culver are clueless on policy, but not clueless when it comes to managing their Big Lug, as evidenced by the fact that he is indeed the Governor of Iowa despite the GOP’s best efforts. So why would they advise him to make what looks like a poor decision to the rest of us?

The answer is that things must be far worse than we know. Sure we have heard plenty on the yet to be explained excessive spending while Secretary of State, Film-Gate and the increasing number of polls that show Culver will likely get crushed next November, but is that all?

Don’t be surprised to see the IPERS fiasco getting laid at the Governor’s feet by his very own AFSCME campaign foot soldiers that he will sorely needs to have a respectable showing next year. Then there is Roxanne Conlin who was recruited to run at the top of the democratic ticket to offset the drag Culver will have on their candidates who wish to stay in the Iowa house and senate majorities. I don’t imagine they will be sharing donor lists like Thanksgiving pumpkin pie recipes.

Team Culver is not so subtly letting us know that where there is smoke, there is fire. And like most people, sometimes you have to realize that you got to stop, drop and roll your ass to Florida.

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