June 2nd, 2009

What makes Bill Salier and Doug Gross relevant?

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youvegonetoofarRight now, excluding Deace, we have two Republicans trying to gain attention by disagreeing with other Republicans. Normally, we have a moderate going on IPTV or talking to newspapers about how our Party needs to move to the left to garner the support of the middle. Now we have a very conservative man in Bill Salier making ludicrous statements over 50,000 watts. I absolutely don’t get why Salier is digging his own grave.

Since I’ve written about this little feud numerous times over the past few months, I don’t want to get deep into the details. But the root of the disagreement is that Salier, Deace, and a few others want Congressman Steve King, the county recorders, and the rest of the world to ignore the Iowa Supreme Court’s decision. They want to turn the clocks back to 1802 before Marbury v. Madison. (By the way, our Founding Fathers didn’t even ignore the Marbury v. Madison ruling.) I wrote specifically about that strategy during the height of the gay marriage debacle a few months back. Apparently Senate Minority Leader Paul McKinley thought my point of view held some water since he distributed the article to every member of the Iowa Senate.

Salier and Deace are trying to purge the Republican Party of RINOs defined by only Salier and Deace. Basically for Salier, only the purist can be supported by Republicans. His definition of pure excludes good conservatives like McKinley, Paulsen, and most recently King. By the way, Salier is a farmer in northern Iowa receiving unconstitutional farm subsidies of over $125,000 in the past 10 years or so. So Salier isn’t even pure enough for Salier.

Now almost two months have gone by since the gay marriage ruling and zero county recorders ignored the court’s decision, gay marriage licenses have been issued in almost every county, Gronstal is laughing in our faces because we have Doug Gross and Bill Salier dividing our side, and we still have no real coalition for getting traditional marriage back.

This brings me to the issue of relevancy. I’ll ask the same question of Bill Salier as I did of Doug Gross. Who do you think you are? Both men have succeeded at nothing since their runs for office seven years ago. Neither has advanced a cause or successful candidate. Why would we listen to either of you? With Salier, if the county recorders decided to take his advice and ignore the ruling, then maybe he would have some political leverage or relevancy. But with every strategy of Bill Salier’s failing, he has lost any bit of relevancy he ever had. And now with his call for a primary against the state’s and possibly the nation’s leading conservative congressman, he’s quickly losing any respect he had as well.

I don’t write these words with a light heart. And they aren’t easy for me to put on paper. But Salier has stepped way over the line. What started as a simple disagreement now has turned into insanity over 50,000 watts. There is no other way to put it. Bill Salier has gone off the deep end. He has had multiple opportunities to get back into politics since he lost in 2002. Many conservatives have pleaded with him to run for the last seven years. Instead, he’s done nothing notable and when he finally comes out of his foxhole, he attacks the leading conservative in the state.

This will be the last time I mention Salier in this blog. His argument has reached the end of the road and if he continues to attack fellow Republicans, his career will do the same. He seems to be unable to admit he’s wrong so he just starts swinging like a drunk in a bar fight, without knowing he’s hitting his friends not the enemy. I don’t know how anybody, conservative or moderate, could ever work with him again without expecting him to turn around and stab them in the back if goaded by someone in the media. He’s a loose cannon aiming at his own side and there is no room for that in this Party or with the issue of marriage. He has already done more harm than good on this issue and will continue to do so if people give him the absolute respect he used to deserve for being the anti-establishment conservative. In 2002 he earned that respect by taking on an establishment RINO with a conservative message. He’s now losing that respect by taking on Iowa’s anti-establishment conservative, Steve King.

Salier and Gross can’t quite figure it out. Don’t go to the press with the intention of dividing the Party.  Nothing good can come from it. With the situation our side is in, Republicans don’t take too kindly to these maneuvers – especially when they hurt a cause and a respected leader.

With Bill, thankfully, we’ve now seen his true colors and know to question his judgment in exactly the same way we question Gross’s.

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