May 20th, 2009

What is wrong with these people?

Pelosi, Reid, Waxman, Obama, Frank, Conyers, Rangel, Obey, Biden, and Clinton – these are the people in charge of the free world. That means every facet of our lives is directly or indirectly affected by these nut jobs. And every one of them has had major issues in the past few weeks, months, and years.

The latest and most outrageous is Pelosi’s lies to the American people about water boarding. Of course we all know she’s a political power grabbing liberal and makes every decision based off of anything but what’s good for this country. And judging by the polls, most American people know that as well. In case they didn’t, Cong. Steve King spelled it out pretty clearly to them on Friday.

Reid had his own gaffs yesterday which included, saying Kennedy’s cancer is in remission, Byrd’s hospital stay for his infection will end on Tuesday or possibly later this week, and that Democrats don’t want any prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay to be in prisons in the United States. In case you don’t know, these are all untrue. That’s what happens when people get used to lying, they can’t help but do it. If you don’t know, just tell us that but don’t belittle us by offering a plate full of bs.

And then we have Waxman, the chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. He’s hired a speed reader to head off Republican tactics concerning the new energy bill. Apparently a House rule allows the forced reading of a bill into the Congressional Record. Republicans are dead set against this bill and requiring the reading of the legislation would allow for the public to actually understand how bad this legislation is. Now Waxman, being a liberal, doesn’t want to have debate on the bill and surely doesn’t want Americans to know what’s in it before it passes, so he’s hired the speed reader to read the bill in approximately 9 hours. That’s 946 pages of the worst of our government in a 9 hour span. I don’t even know if I could listen to that.

Joe Biden. I really don’t need to write much about him. That’s already been covered by this site. But last night I was watching O’Reilly, something I rarely do, and caught most of an interview with Dennis Miller. It doesn’t matter if you are a liberal or conservative, you’ll find this video pretty funny.


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