September 17th, 2009

What do Kanye West And Charlie Gibson have in Common? (Hint: Ask Barack Obama)

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Written by: Battleground Iowa

By Emily Geiger

GibsonWanted: News anchor with reading glasses who is good at looking down his nose with a smug and/or condescending and/or arrogant expression on his face. This person is needed to interview an ABC news anchor to grill said anchor on the issue of ACORN corruption.

This would be sweet. You see, the guy who is the face of ABC News, when recently asked his opinion about the recent ACORN scandals, had no idea what this story was about.

This guy gets paid a lot of money to know what is going on in the world. One of his correspondents (Jake Tapper) has reported on this issue. I guess Charlie Gibson was in the bathroom when this was being discussed in the newsroom.

I look back now to the arrogance he showed when interviewing Sarah Palin and how he treated her with such condescension for not immediately recognizing the term “Bush Doctrine” (when even Democrats acknowledged that was not a common reference for Bush’s foreign policy), and I think to myself, what a hypocrite.

For the ABC network news anchor to be “unfamiliar” with arguably the biggest news story of the last week that has resulted in the census bureau (and several other government entities) de-funding the “community organizing” group that was brought to national relevance by the president of the United States because the group was giving advice about how to start up a brothels and avoid paying taxes on the income of child prostitutes, is just embarrassing.

Do you think he looks down his glasses at himself in the mirror and implies that he’s not qualified for his own job when talking to himself?

Charlie, dude, I know you are retiring soon, but you can’t check out quite yet.

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