June 26th, 2009

What’s Up Jeff?

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Written by: Krusty Konservative
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lamberti-copyYou know I have to admit, I’m growing old of all the cute little headlines that people twist and turn to grab attention and say this person is running for governor, or that candidate is running for governor. Yeah I know, I’m guilty of that myself. But when I do it, it’s because I have a little scoop that I want to share. Like Lamberti sitting down with the Chairman of the RGA yesterday… More on that in a bit.

I don’t know where I saw it yesterday, but someone had a headline reading that Branstad will not rule out a gubernatorial run. So I read the story and he basically laughs off the thought. Plus, I don’t think it’s a good idea to dust off a retired governor to run against Chet. The media would have a hay day if Chet beat a former 16 year governor.

Anyway, this is just another installment of Jeff Lamberti gubernatorial speculation.

One would expect that the new RGA chair would sit down with Kraig Paulsen, Paul McKinley, and Chris Rants, which he did by the way. But Barbour also met with Jeff Lamberti, and I’d told for a good bit of time while in Iowa. I don’t know who else he met with, but the courting of Lamberti continues.

I’m sure it didn’t hurt that Becky Beech and Kari Putney, two people associated with the Iowa Barnstormers, were the ones ushering people in and out of the private meetings with Barbour. Beech, a long time Republican fundraiser, worked for Lamberti in the state senate and raised the funds for his 2006 congressional campaign. Beech and Putney are also working to raise money for the party despite RPI having two full time fundraisers on staff.

So, what are we to make from Lamberti’s sit down with Barbour? Is he actually running, or are people begging him to run?

Also seen at last night’s shindig was Christian Fong, the young, unknown blogger and chairperson of the Generation Iowa commission. Fong was seen hanging around Ed Failor, Jr. and Brian Dumas of Victory Enterprises. ITR and VE have a long history of working together. It appears they may be behind the recent chatter surrounding Fong as a gubernatorial candidate.

I think Fong would be better off running for the state house or senate before trying a statewide campaign. But this is simply what happens when consultants believe that they can get anyone elected. Trust me, it’s a bad idea. I understand why someone would court Lamberti to run for governor, and I understand why Fong would be a good legislative candidate. But Fong for Governor? No way.

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