April 3rd, 2009

We Only Have Ourselves to Blame

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

iowagothicConservatives across Iowa are disappointed, saddened, and angry over the Iowa Supreme Court’s unanimous decision to legalize gay marriage. My inbox is now full of statements from Republicans who are responding to the court’s decision.

For the most part they are what you would expect. But I just can’t sit here and ignore the fact that Republicans are to blame for the court’s decision, not a liberal court, or an even more liberal legislature.

Republican Party Chairman Matt Strawn sent out the following statement.

Strawn said, “The sad and simple fact is this decision could have been avoided. Once clear that Iowa’s marriage law was under attack by the courts and outside interest groups, majority Democrats had every opportunity to advance legislation removing the politics from protecting marriage and placing the decision directly in the hands of Iowa voters.”

Strawn is correct is saying the decision could have been avoided. Republicans passed the marriage amendment out of the House, twice I think. The Senate, under Sen. Iverson’s leadership, failed to pass the amendment when Republicans were in the majority. Republicans failed to pass it in the Senate by just one vote. So be angry with Iverson, or former Republican Senator Doug Shull for voting against it.

Iowa’s marriage laws have been under attack for almost a decade, this is not something that just happened when Democrats took over control over the legislature. Republican’s had their chance to pass a marriage amendment and failed to do so. To be really honest, I’m more upset with them today than I am with the Justices of the Supreme Court, Speaker Murphy, or Mike Gronstal.

Since I’m not going to make any friends today, I might as well pour a little gas on the fire. I’m upset that the legislators tucked tail and ran home to the comforts of their homes when they found out that this decision was going to be announced. Talk about pathetic! The Supreme Court shows total disrespect for a law that you passed and you flee the Capitol? K’mon!

More disappointing were the comments that legislators made yesterday that admitted that nothing would be done to counter the court’s decision this session. Again, pathetic.

If Republican leaders expect Iowa’s social conservatives to channel their anger and help them win elections in 2010, they better be ready to lead on this issue, and they needed to start leading on it this morning. Unfortunately, I don’t see many Republican leaders doing much today besides stating the obvious.

They need to realize that there is a passionate angry mod outside their door and they have two options. Either they can step up and lead us into battle, or they can continue to ignore us and watch us bust down the door and ransack the Republican Party.

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