July 8th, 2009

We aren’t that far off

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Written by: Constitution Daily

elephantsFor some reason on this site we talk about the moderate vs. conservative debate in our party almost on a daily basis. Almost all of us are sick of  this topic and really don’t want to hear anymore about it. After talking with an old friend the other day, who is a moderate, I came to the conclusion that we really aren’t that far off. Let me explain.

Of course I am a social and fiscal conservative. I can run through the platform and agree with every bit of it without any hesitation. I wouldn’t classify myself as either more socially or more fiscally conservative because I won’t vote for a pro-abortion candidate any quicker than I’d vote for a pro-tax, big government candidate.

My friend is also socially and fiscally conservative but he wants Republicans to lay off the life and marriage issues and focus, at least publicly, on the fiscal issues. He’s the type of guy who says he’s personally against abortion and believes it is a sin, but he doesn’t want the Republican Party to be branded as the pro-life, anti-choice party.

Of course I disagree with him on that front, not because his strategy is doomed to failure but because when folks say that, what they are forgetting is Democrats are branded as the pro-abortion party which currently only favors half of the voters. Why is it only Republicans get punished for the life issue? It is a 50/50 issue. The only reason Republicans get punished is because we allow ourselves to get pigeonholed into the argument. When was the last time you heard the Democrat chairman at the state or national level answer the question about life and how it is a dividing issue in their party? If the same logic is used on the Democrats, they should have only a base supporting them and not the conservative Democrats or Independents.

But anyway, back to my original point. Life and marriage are moral issues to me and most social conservatives. What moderates don’t understand is high taxes and big government are also moral issues to me. I don’t know if many conservatives think of it that way but when government gets bigger, my God given rights are slowly taken away. When government takes my money against my will, I consider it a moral issue. When they force regulations on people or businesses, rights, given to me by God, are taken away.

Since I see government in this light it is impossible to separate faith and politics. This doesn’t mean I won’t support a John McCain when compared to an Obama. What it does mean for me is come Primary Election time, I’ll work for the candidate who best represents my views. My old friend will do the same. So what is there to argue about?

We’ll both be happy if a Republican gets elected because we agree, no matter if you are a conservative or moderate, on almost all of the issues. Of course I’d be happier if a conservative were elected as he would be happier if a moderate were elected. But either way, Democrats in control advance their cause, not ours. When I have these conversations in person, not on the internet, they are always civil and not even close to the level of hostility shown on this site or any other. It is obvious to me we don’t have a major divide in our Party anymore than the Democrats do in theirs. The only divide is just a fabricated one by those who benefit most, Democrats and their media.

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