September 10th, 2009

Watching Your Baby Die… Because of Government Regulations

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Written by: Battleground Iowa
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By Emily Geiger

JaydenImagine this.

You are not quite 22 weeks pregnant and you go into labor. You rush to the hospital and give birth to a very tiny baby boy.

He’s tiny, but strong. He has a strong heartbeat, he’s moving, and even breathing on his own.

But he is tiny, and you know he’s going to need some help. You expect the doctors to take him and give him everything he needs to continue to live.

But the doctors hand him back to you and tell you to hold him until he dies.

Your baby dies in your arms two hours later after you’ve watched him struggle for breath and suffer as he suffocates, all while medical personnel are literally feet away, but they refuse to help.


Because you happen to live in the United Kingdom, and under their government healthcare plan, they have regulations that prohibit doctors from even attempting to save babies born at less than 22 weeks gestation.

In other words, if you had gone into labor two days later, they would have tried to save your baby, but you didn’t, and they didn’t.

Instead, you were given funeral planning materials while you were still in labor.

Later you find out that other babies who were almost exactly your little boy’s age have survived if given the proper care.

But this is what happens when there is rationing of care. I know, I know, President Obama just promised us last night that there would be no rationing of care and that he would bring costs down.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you got more for less?

Can you honestly think this is even possible? Every government that has any kind of government-run system (or even just a government run option) has rationed care. Even right here in the United States, we have a woman in Oregon who bought into that state plan, and when she requested coverage for the drugs she needed to prolong her life, she was denied, but she was offered coverage for an assisted suicide.

We are already building the infrastructure here in America to implement these same kind of inhumane, government-mandated regulations as are found in the U.K. Do we really want to give the government the authority to tell you when your baby has to die?

No. Hell no.

And that’s why we have to take a stand to keep the government out of the business of healthcare.

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