September 29th, 2009

Wanted: Someone to help Steal Money for Gay Causes

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

Phyllis-StevensI must admit, I’m intrigued by the embezzlement story that revolves around a 58 year-old lesbian woman who stole $5.9 million for her employer and then made a bunch of contributions to pro-gay candidates. The political angle to the story is fascinating, but the facts surrounding the case have me confused.

Here is what we know thus far (according to the allegations of Aviva).

A 58 year old lesbian woman, Phyllis Stevens, allegedly manipulated her company’s computer system to steal $5.9 million. The stolen money was then deposited into her and her wife’s bank account.

Does anyone else find it a little odd that a 58 year old financial analyst was able to pull this off all by herself? It’s not like Aviva is some Podunk company. It’s a multi-national corporation with, I’m assuming, a pretty complicated and complex computer system. Not many 58 year old non-computer savvy techies could pull this off. It’s not like you can call the Geek Squad to come in and help you out on something like that.

That makes me wonder if anyone else (besides Marla) is involved. So who else is benefiting from Phyllis stealing millions of dollars from her employer? posted a long list of candidates who Stevens supported financially. While they are from all over the county, they seemed to support a number of candidates from Colorado. Phyllis and Marla Stevens made $38,400 in contributions to four Colorado congressional candidates (my numbers go back to the 2006 cycle, TIR only went to 2008). They gave money to current Congresswoman Betsy Markey (Colorado 4th CD), Congressman Ed Perlmuller (Colorado 7th CD), and failed congressional candidates Angie Paccione (Colorado 4th CD) and Bob Olson (Colorado 6th CD).

So why all of the interest in Colorado Democrats?

Could it be that a gay activist from Iowa just wanted to thank Tim Gill, a Colorado philanthropist and gay rights activist, for all the work he has done in Iowa? Is it possible that Mr. Gill, who made his millions as a software developer, is somehow linked to the scheme? Even if not directly involved, it seems that a lot of his Colorado friends benefitted greatly from this alleged thievery.

Gill has made his political mission no secret. Following the 2006 elections, The Atlantic wrote an article that documented how Gill targeted local state legislative candidates like Danny Carroll in an effort to break the momentum toward a constitutional marriage ban in Iowa.

Of course, this is only speculation. Perhaps Phyllis is a computer genius who is perfectly capable of pulling this off on her own. The only thing that I know is that if I were the Feds, I’d be trying to figure out if anyone else provided the expertise that made it possible for a 58 year-old woman to steal $5.9 million from her employer. It sure looks like their motivation for stealing the money was not just greed, but the ability to push a political agenda.

What makes me nauseous is Phyllis Steven’s total disrespect for the law. She is some sort of gay rights martyr.

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