October 16th, 2009

Up, Up, and Away!

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

mckinley balloonLike many of you, I couldn’t help but watch the balloon boy story yesterday afternoon. I mean how many times have I walked by my own Jiffy Pop inspired weather balloon in my back yard and said to myself, “I sure hope Krusty, Jr. never hops in there and goes for a ride.” This incident could have happened to anyone. It’s not the crazy stuff you see on TV shows like Wife Swap…

As I was watching the news coverage of this event yesterday, it also reminded me about the GOP’s primary for governor. It actually reminded me of one candidate in particular, Paul McKinley. The similarities between Balloon Boy and McKinley’s gubernatorial campaign are very similar.

Balloon Boy launched a balloon, was missing, and then we find out he never got in the balloon. He was just hiding in a box in the rafters of his attic.

McKinley launched a gubernatorial campaign, was missing, and then we found out he never really got into the race. I imagine we will find McKinley in the rafters of the attic today when he confirms to the world he is not running for governor.

I just don’t understand why people go into hiding when they make a mistake. Poor little Falcon Henne could have spared people a lot of grief had he told his Daddy that his Jiffy Pop balloon went up to Heaven. Likewise, Paul McKinley could have saved himself a ton embarrassment had he said that announcing his candidacy for governor was a big mistake.

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