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September 9th, 2009

Twitter Tea Party Tonight at 8 p.m.

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Written by: The Iowa Republican

mm_twitterToday’s Twitter Tea Party Will Be Largest Online Tea Party Ever.

On a date and time you can certainly remember… 090909 at 9pm EST the largest online Tea Party ever will take place. September 9th, 2009 micro-blog Tweeters nationwide will be sending up their 140 character or less rants, slogans and ideas exercising their first amendment freedom.

“The founding fathers never saw the internet coming, but they did anticipate the threat of freedom and staked their lives on securing our right and freedom to do such an event,” said Dave Davidson who defined the September 9th strategy for the first nationwide online tea party.

For the past two months loyal members who regularly tweet about tea party topics have been promoting this grassroots effort by trickle posting and reposting a “tweet” called a retweet or ‘RT’ that read… Largest Twitter Tea Party Ever 09-09-09 at 9 pm EST. Please RT

This simple message with an easy-to-remember time and date will kick off a weekend’s worth of tea party events across the county with all eyes in Washington D.C. for the much anticipated 9:12 event this Saturday. Davidson explained. “Having the Twitter Tea Party just a few days before 9:12 lays a foundation for Americans to mobilize together and even make last minute plans to attend a local event.”
Davidson also is the founder of, a new free member site where tea party patriots across the country synergize online.

Because of Twitter’s large, but fair platform the online event is non-partisan and non-intrusive since every person is opted in as a follower on Twitter. Traffic and parking isn’t even a problem. Tea Party tweeters will be sending and reading messages via their Twitter username, which often serves as an alter ego online identity like Davidson’s TEApublican username at Other very active Twitter users to get you started for this event include names like JustA912er, teapartynews, ResistTyranny and michaelfsimone to name a few.

A tip for tonight’s Tea Party is to search keywords (on Twitter’s side search bar) with a hash mark before the term like #healthcare, #teaparty, #912, #TEApublican, #congress, #Obama or #ttot and #tlot, which stands for “Top Conservatives On Twitter” and “Top Liberals On Twitter.” Another tip is to search key tea party terms at

Of course you have to be a member at first, which is as simple as filling out an email and starting a username. There are plenty of blogs and articles available with a Google search to help you get started if you are new to Twitter. Tonight’s the night you Tivo your favorite T.V. show and be part of history while on your computer.

No riots, violence or injury will likely occur unless someone slams their computer keyboard or laptop too hard out of frustration over the fear of tyranny. Having a Tea Party on Twitter is the safest way to experience the controversial passion played out in recent town hall meetings across the country. No one will be falling off a boat or lifting large crates like the original Boston Tea Party so this will likely not be the last Twitter Tea Party. “At the Boston Tea Party no one knew the future impact and historical significance the event would be. Those Americans simply had to respond the best they could to try and do the right thing for freedom’s sake.

Hopefully even a Tea Party on Twitter today can somehow make a positive impact on our county in this generation.” Davidson said. Agendas will be questioned. Policies will be scorned. Freedoms will be exercised. Blogs will be promoted. Links will be shared… Hopefully solutions will be started.

Links will be shared like the free ebook by Davidson entitled, “You May Be A TEApublican.” A simulcasted podcast hosted by Dave and his brother Dan will also be part of the event in case you want to hear some of the most fascinating tweets read out loud live as they arrive @TEApublican’s mailbox at Twitter. The link for the podcast will be provided at

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