October 30th, 2009

Turn out the Lights at Terrace Hill?

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

Lights out!I have to admit, I check out all sorts of stuff on the web every day of the week. Some people go to garage sales, I surf around looking for odd little things in my spare time. Anyway, yesterday I found my way to the Terrace Hill Foundation page. If you thought the economy was bad, wait till you see how the Governor’s mansion has been affected.

“Observers note that the lights have been darkened, the thermostats adjusted and the number of prison-release workers increased in cost-cutting efforts for the operation and maintenance of Terrace Hill. Still the doors remain open to the public.”

So are we to believe that Governor Culver is walking around there with a flashlight? Last time I checked, Terrace Hill looked pretty good to me at night. As for where the thermostats are set, it’s like 50 degrees outside. Excuse me if I’m not going to get all worked up because it’s a bit on the cool side in there.

These sort of statements make we wonder if cities and towns across Iowa will forgo putting up lighted Christmas decorations this year. It’s a step that I don’t necessarily want to see, but maybe deserves consideration and debate. I think before we get to that point, the state should stop advertising that state programs are available to various groups of people. I’m talking about programs like Hawk-I and the college tuition savings program. If people are not bright enough to figure out what’s available to them they should just be out of luck. It’s a hand-up, not a hand-out.

Sorry, I got sidetracked. The part that I find interesting is that there is a bunch of prison-release workers hanging out at the home of the first-family. What the hell? I don’t like walking in to the court house and having to pass a bunch of crooks when I have to pay my speeding tickets. I can tell you if Krusty Jr. is on a field trip at Terrace Hill and he comes home and tells me he saw a chain-gang, or the First Lady selling smokes to prisoners, I’ll be disturbed.

If Governor Culver is cool with it, I’m sure his neighbor, Fred Hubble, isn’t. Maybe all the prisoners hanging out at Terrace Hill is why Culver has asked the unions to renegotiate their contracts. With all of these budget cuts, Mari Culver was probably going to have to supervise them. It could also be why Culver’s campaign rents a condo in downtown Des Moines.

Anyway, I find it odd that such a doom and gloom story is being used to raise money for Terrace Hill.

New Jersey Governor’s Race

I’ve been staying in tune with this since my liberal friends started talking about the size of the Republican candidate Chris Christie. His opponent, Governor John Corzine has been eluding to his weight in his TV and radio ads.

Yesterday, Christie fought back while calling into Don Imus’s show.

Basically Christie says that Corzine should man up and just admit that he thinks he’s is fat. Christie also said it was “just silly” and “beneath the office” Corzine holds.

Christie had some good lines. He said, “I am setting an example Don, we have to spur our economy. Dunkin Donuts, International House of Pancakes, those people need to work too.”

I think Christie’s move to call out his opponent and joke about his own weight is a smart move. Now the election comes down to whether you want a dickhead or a fat dude to be your governor. I think most people would vote for the fat dude. Politics is sometimes more about being likable than anything else.

This race has been fun to watch. You should read Christie’s interview by clicking here.

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