August 25th, 2009

Tuesday News Updates: DART’s Atheists and Branstad’s Flier

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Written by: Battleground Iowa
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By Emily Geiger

DART Loves Atheists who Pay for Ads, but Not its Christian Employees

iowa_bus_ad_3-5The Christian DART driver who was suspended for refusing to drive a bus with a pro-atheism ad on the side of it is back at work.

But, it doesn’t seem as if anything has really been resolved.

Last week, DART gave this driver three choices regarding her job.

1. Resign,

2. Drive a paratransit bus (which generally doesn’t have advertising, but could involve more physical strain in helping disabled people get on and off the bus),

3. Go back to the old job and if you ever complain about a bus ad again, you’re fired.

I guess the driver in question chose option 3. I still find this ridiculous, when you consider that only 20 of the 120 busses in the DART fleet have the atheist ad, that DART can’t accommodate this woman on one of the other hundred busses available. I think they just don’t want to.

So, next time this lady shows up to work and they’ve scheduled her to be on another atheist bus, we’re right back at square one.

Branstad Fliers

So, I see that the buzz of the blogosphere in the last few days has been the fliers plastered to the windshields of some cars in Des Moines that highlighted some of the low-lights of the previous Branstad administration.

The local media has been interviewing some Iowa “political insiders” about this, and of course, people on blogs are chiming, and there has been a lot of finger pointing in the direction of a certain very pro-marriage, very pro-life candidate, particularly since the flier specifically bashed Mitt Romney and tries to tie Branstad to the former Massachusetts governor.

But I think that conclusion is just a little too easy.

I find it interesting that so many observers of this situation are so quick to overlook the possibility that it might not be another Republican behind this.

Culver has been dragged through the mud these last several weeks with the budget fiasco and his tanking poll numbers. What better way to get people to ignore that than for someone to create negative headlines for the guy who would kick Culver’s butt by 20% if the election were held today?

I’m not saying Culver personally was involved in this, but I wouldn’t put it past some of his Democrat minions to do his dirty work for him.

And think about it. The Dems would have absolutely mentioned Romney and abortion if they were trying to frame a certain someone. To me, that’s why it’s so obvious that it’s not who everyone thinks it is, because it’s just a little too obvious who the author wants you to think it is.

It would be like someone putting out fliers against Boswell and randomly mentioning how fun it is to play the accordion (in an effort to frame Fallon).

And, it will be interesting to see if and when anyone from the Branstad camp tries to address the accusations made in the flier. That will be tough, because it’s pretty much all true.


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