November 17th, 2009

Too bad Culver Can’t Spend Nine Weeks Fixing our State’s Problems…

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

Culver biggest LoserGovernor Culver has completed his first triathlon. Culver, who spent nine weeks training for the event, finished the triathlon in just over three hours. I applaud Culver’s accomplishment, I really do. I just question his motives. It should not surprise you that, with a year to go before he stands for reelection, Culver is getting serious about his weight.

While some political operatives will tell you that image is everything in politics, I don’t know how much good a leaner Chet Culver does for his pathetic poll numbers. When I looked at the Des Moines Register photo of a sweat drenched Governor Culver in black spandex, I thought to myself, good for him, I’m glad that he is taking the necessary steps to live a healthier life. But I also wondered when Governor Culver plans to start taking his job seriously.

The state of Iowa is in really bad shapes. Unemployment is at record levels. State and local governments are bloated and have been forced to terminate hundreds of workers and demand furloughs for the employees who were allowed to keep their jobs. And the one good thing that Culver has done, force the unions to renegotiate, isn’t going well.

Just yesterday, we learned that talks with the Iowa United Professionals, one of the state’s three unions, have come to a standstill. So now the question that lingers is, why does it seem as if Governor Culver is unwilling to engage the problems facing the state? Is it because he has spent a significant amount of time trying to lose weight in advance of his re-election campaign?

Outside of his TV ads, when was the last time Culver himself spoke to the media? It seems as if he’s been everywhere but at his office. I really don’t care if Culver is 400 pounds or 280 pounds. I just want a Governor who will do whatever it takes to fix what ails our state.

The best way for Governor Culver to win re-election next fall is to simply do the best job he can do for the people of Iowa. Forget about party politics and losing weight and focus on what Iowans really care about, creating private sector jobs in every corner of this state.

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