June 1st, 2009

Tiller the Baby Killer Murdered… at Church

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Written by: Battleground Iowa
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By Emily Geiger

tillerI’m sure many of you have heard by now that infamous late-term abortionist George Tiller is dead. Reports are telling us that he was gunned down at his church while he was acting as an usher Sunday morning. His wife was in the choir at the time.

There are lots of angles to this story that can, and probably will, be talked about in pro-life circles. First, I don’t advocate pro-lifers resort to murder themselves. Although, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t relieved that he won’t be torturing any more babies.

But, another part of this story jumped out at me.

George Tiller the baby killer goes to church?

It seems so. Reformation Lutheran Church to be exact.

What the heck kind of church even lets this guy in the doors?

I know churches should be open to sinners, because we’re all sinners, but this guy is a self-professed baby-killing murderer. He was proud of that fact. He made millions of dollars off of that fact. I would think that any self-respecting church would have a line they just don’t cross. For example, you don’t let NAMBLA have weekly meeting in fellowship hall (even if they are willing to pay the outside group fee and even if they say they’re Christians), and you don’t let George Tiller and his wife come to your church and be given positions of service and honor (usher and choir member).

This guy was living in open and hostile rebellion to the word of God and torturing innocent children in the process. He crossed the line of what is acceptable for a church member a long time ago.

Of course, if George was giving the church 10% of his millions in blood money, maybe that had something to do with the church’s decision to keep quiet.

This is just another example of the failure of our churches today. Some churches just don’t want to rock to boat or make any waves by offending anyone. Others, like Tiller’s, have gone far beyond that and are actually endorsing egregious behavior (such as murder of children and celebration of homosexuality) which the Bible tells us is clearly sinful and unacceptable.

And we wonder how we got where we’re at. If churches won’t even call a sin a sin, no one will.

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