August 4th, 2009

The Tide of Socialism

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obamajokerAmericans should breathe a big sigh of relief as the US House began its August recess and the Senate has just four more days this week before they, too, head back home to their constituents. We are part of a grand experiment – this Representative Republic of ours – and we cannot afford to be silent as our Representatives and Senators are in arm’s reach for the next few weeks.

Our single-minded purpose should be utterly inundating Members of Congress with emails, phone calls, and appearances at any and all public events they are taking part in this month.  You are already seeing numerous videos of town hall meetings turned into anti-Obama health care rallies. We need to do the same here in Iowa. We need to take every chance we get to remind Braley, Loebsack, Boswell, Harkin, and Grassley government doesn’t create solutions, only problems.

When I consider milestones and turning points in our nation, this is by far the most critical moment this country has been in the past 50 years, other than Roe v. Wade. Even though capitalism has taken a back seat to incremental socialism since our Constitution was signed, this is the biggest step in that direction we’ve ever considered – including Medicare and Social Security. This has even more importance because most people understand the fundamentals of the debate. They know it is wealth redistribution, increased taxes for the productive sector, and more handouts to the nonproductive sector. Simply, this is class warfare in broad daylight.

Both sides know the stakes. If the left wins and passes this legislation, America will always have socialized health care and eventually government owned-and-operated businesses in every sector. We will also have well over 50 percent of the population taking more from the government than what they put in. In my book, that is the very definition of socialism.

If the right wins, we’ll have to fix health care with the free market because if nothing gets done soon, the Democrats will get their way eventually. If there is no vote – or the vote for socialized health care fails, Republicans and maybe more specifically, conservatives, will have a mandate to make health care more affordable by way of the free market. We’ll also have renewed faith in capitalism to ease the bureaucratic burden on businesses in general. We will have staved off the tide of socialism but we can’t stop there.

If we win, we must recognize the victory isn’t just a loss for the other side, it is a victory for smaller government with lower taxes. If we stick to those principles, we almost always win.

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